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| A DAILY patrol to deadhead plants will reap rewards. Foxglove spikes and poppies can be cut down unless you are saving them for seed. Finished stems of earlier flowering plants, such as lupins, can be removed. Hardy geraniums will benefit from daily deadheading as will petunias and argyranthemums.

| KEEP roses well-watered in warm weather and regularly check pots for watering. Peat composts can dry completely so a plant may need complete dunking in water until all the air bubbles are gone. Tomatoes need regular watering to prevent splitting.

| WARM weather can increase the algae and duckweed in your pond so fish it out with a small net or twirl it around a cane. Barley straw can help keep the problem at bay. If you can''t get it, there are liquids available that contain extract of barley straw.

| LIFT and divide irises after flowering to improve vigour and flowering for next year.

| NEW raspberry canes can be tied in for support and in the greenhouse, thin out grape vines.


Foxglove spikes can be cut

Fish out any algae from your pond

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 19, 2014
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