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Every skate trip I've been on, the first question the tour guide gets asked is, "Where can we get weed?" Before hitting the town for dinner the first night, our local guide Pedro told us, "Whatever you do, don't buy drugs off the streets!" David decided not to heed the warning. Within minutes of getting out of the van, we had a parade of street people trying to sell us various illegal substances. "Isn't it smarter to just get weed now?" David asked the group. "He has it right there. I'm just going to get some." He disappeared around a corner and came back ten minutes later with a look of accomplishment on his face. We got to the restaurant and opened his mysterious green baggie to see if he'd struck gold, only to discover that he'd fallen for the oldest trick in the book: he bought oregano. As we were all having a laugh, David asked the group with a straight face, "What is oregano?"

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Title Annotation:Good Luck IN LISBONT
Date:Feb 14, 2018
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