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Summary: The Anglophone crisis seems to be purely socio-economic, rather than related to politics or identity. If the right partners are found, ways out of the crisis can be too.

In the Anglophone part of Came- roon, finding the right spokespeople to negotiate the conditions for resol- ving the crisis is a matter of urgency. Solutions to the demands of specific groups (lawyers and teachers) have already been negotiated, but political and socio-economic problems must still be addressed. This would entail discus- sing greater autonomy for the regions, as the state in its current form is overly centralised.

When asked, the former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo implied that he would mediate with the An- glophone party if asked to do so. "The people who live in this area can feel excluded. It is up to the authorities to ensure this impression does not persist. If it is unjustified, then that must be demonstrated. If that is not the case, the situation must be remedied as quickly as possible," he commented.

For his part, Akere Muna, the former president of the Cameroon Bar Asso- ciation and former Vice President of Amnesty International, an Anglophone and son of the former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Cameroon (Solomon Tandeng Muna), asked the United Nations to intervene. Although international mediations may take place, it is now up to the people of Cameroon to decide their future. n

Addressing the political and socio-economic problems would entail discussing greater autonomy for the regions, as the state in its current form is overly centralised.

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Publication:African Business (Al Bawaba (Middle East) Ltd.)
Date:Jan 9, 2018
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