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WHAT A PONKER! 'Council now wasting cash resurfacing roads TWICE'.


LOCAL residents have accused Kirklees Council of 'wasting money' after seeing highways teams lay chippings over roads that had already had new white lines painted.

Two Holme Valley residents, neither of whom wanted to be named, contacted the Examiner after road workers appeared to resurface a road in Scholes that had only just been completed.

The Examiner has also learned of a similar incident taking place at Station Road and Park Lane, Skelmanthorpe.

And other newly-resurfaced roads have also been found to have been marked up for further work, including Shelley Woodhouse Lane and Ponker Lane in Lower Cumberworth.

One of the Holme Valley residents said: "About two months ago sections of St George's Road between Scholes and Totties were resurfaced.

"A few days later they came and did the iron work and two weeks ago they did the white lines.

"Then on Wednesday the whole road was resurfaced obliterating the white lines.

"It just seems a waste of money to have a team of men to white line the roads and obliterate it a few weeks later.

"Why didn't they just resurface the areas that hadn't been done - it seems a terrific waste of money."

At Park Lane, Skelmanthorpe, new white lines were painted on a repaired stretch of road and the council then warned residents not to park their cars as it was to be re-surfaced.

But a spokeswoman for Kirklees Council said the first set of white lines were a temporary safety measure in between phases of the resurfacing.

She said: "Road markings are sometimes made for safety reasons when the first layer of tar and chippings is laid.

"When this layer has settled the final layer is put down and road markings made again.

"Putting in road markings during the settling period isn't done in all cases, but the decision was taken on these two roads to cut safety risks."

But a second complainant about the Scholes road said the explanation was nonsense.

He said: "Our road, which is in the same village, has been covered with chippings, but has never been white lined.

"If it's unsafe for one road, it's unsafe for our road.

"What about all the other roads that don't have white lines - are we to assume they're unsafe? "And if they are, who is being held accountable? "The roads are in a terrible state and if they council are going to spend money white lining roads for a fortnight it's a disgrace."


WIPED OUT: The neatly resurfaced Ponker Lane at Cumberworth and Station Road, Skelmanthorpe (above), marked for another layer of resurfacing and (below) new road markings at St George''s Road, Scholes painted days before it was re-surfaced (AC110510Dscho and PC120510Broads)
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 15, 2010
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