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WHAT A COP-OUT!; No breath test for the speeding police boss.

ANGER erupted last night after a top cop was caught speeding by his own officers - but wasn't breath-tested.

Chief Superintendent Iain Anderson was stopped on the day police forces throughout Scotland were launching their festive anti-drink driving campaign.

Mr Anderson was clocked doing 45mph in a 30mph zone in a speed trap set up by his own men.

He told traffic officers he was travelling to an important meeting at nearby Irvine Police Office and was allowed to drive on after his details were taken.

However, he was not breath-tested although it is normal practice at this time of year.

He was later issued by the same two traffic cops with a conditional offer penalty ticket for speeding. That carries a fine of pounds 40 and three penalty points.

Mr Anderson was stopped in Dundonald Road, Kilmarnock, on Friday only a short distance from his own police HQ.

At the time local police were officially launching their drink- driving purge in the town and had set up a speed trap.

Mr Anderson was one of the first caught speeding in that trap.

Ironically, he is the man in overall charge of the local campaign. Strathclyde Police spokesman Superintendent Iain Gordon said yesterday: "A 51- year-old serving police officer is the subject of a conditional offer in respect of an alleged speeding offence on December 4 in Dundonald Road, Kilmarnock."

Mr Anderson, who was in full uniform, was driving his BMW.

One Kilmarnock cop said: "Everyone at Kilmarnock police office is talking about the boss being caught.

"Surely, he must have known in advance where the speed trap would be set. If he was in such a hurry you would think he would have tried to avoid that road."

Last night, the AA said the public must have faith in police and the law. Spokesman Richie Newman said: "If the police say they will breath- test anyone stopped for a moving traffic offence, then that has to be seen to be in action - regardless of who they stop.

"Respect for the law only exists if people think they will be treated equally and the police have got to be careful to show that is the case."

Mr Anderson is in charge of 455 officers in four sub divisions and 13 police stations including one on the island of Arran.

The latest campaign against drink-driving by the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland, will run until January 9.

Every motorist stopped for traffic offences in the run-up to Christmas is to be breath- tested.

At the launch of the campaign, Strathclyde traffic supremo Chief Supt James Gilmour, a colleague of Mr Anderson, said: "All motorists stopped by officers for committing road traffic offences will be breath-tested.

"It is not only drink-driving which causes carnage on the roads but driving at EXCESSIVE speed."

However, Strathclyde Police say officers can still use their discretionary powers if they don't suspect a driver is over the limit.

Yesterday the Sunday Mail tried to contact Chief Constable William Spence of Tayside Police, who is spearheading the Scotland- wide drink-driving campaign.

However, we were told that Mr Spence could only be contacted in emergencies.
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Author:Silvester, Norman
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 6, 1998
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