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Product Name - 1 Shot + from Fudge.

Packaging Desirability - Functional.

Is it a pamper or performance product? Performance.

What does it say it will do? "For dry, porous, problem hair it is a leave-in conditioner that gives hair a de-tox. Improves strength, elasticity and shine with protein and moisture".

Does it do it? Yes.

Is it a pleasure to use? Just spray on to hair when wet.

Results/comments/faults: Dry, over-processed hair really benefits. Hair felt softer, more manageable and in much better condition.

Price: pounds 7.95 for 125 ml.

Value For Money: Yes.

Would you buy again? Yes.

Marks out of 10. Nine and a half.

Bewitching scents

The urban sorceress needs nothing more than her magic wand and Filofax. Fashion designer and perfumier Lolita Lempicka continues to cast her spell with her debut perfume by the same name and this time has added this magic wand to her collection to be sur e you bewitch wherever you go.

Le Concentre De Parfum comes encased in this lovely violet phial and a gold roller ball ensures you apply your pixie dust where it will be most effective. With a heady brew of liquorice flower, bergamot, ivy leaves, aniseed, violet, musk vanilla and veti ver wood, you are sure to create an aura wherever your broomstick touches down.

Le Concentre De Parfum by Lolita Lempicka is priced at pounds 28.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jan 20, 1999
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