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Byline: JAMIE BREESE On Antiques & Collectables

Q We own a rare jigsaw puzzle produced in the 1980s by Bulldog Tools of Wigan detailing the story of their tools. This is in a wooden box and in excellent condition. Would you have an idea of value please? Craig Brisley, via email

A The first jigsaw was made in the 1760s and rare 18th century samples are particularly sought-after. Your one may be rare but it's not old enough just yet to create too much of a buzz. As it will be uncommon, it could be worth PS25-PS75. But if you uncover an original by the British inventor and cartographer John Stilsbury you could be on to a fortune. A set of Stilsbury jigsaws fetched PS26,000 at auction once.

Q I have been given a collection of Lladro ornaments. How do I go about getting them valued and selling them? Diane Barlow, via email

A Handmade, fine porcelain pieces have borne the Lladro mark since three brothers made a kiln in their back garden in 1951. It is sold in 128 countries, there are more than 1,200 pieces in the current Lladro and Nao ranges. Older or retired pieces have a good chance of keeping or increasing in value. For example 'The Forest' issued in 1973 currently sells for around PS4,000-5,000. I would establish the basics first and then take photos of the collection and seek an in-person valuation or use the markings to scan a collectors book or the internet. Good luck - let's hope they are retired pieces and of note.

Q Could you please give me an idea of how much my Westminster collection original Penny Blacks in a folder is worth? It is authenticated, and has a genuine signed certificate of issue. It is in excellent condition. Richard Bertin, Barry, Wales

A Stamp collecting, or philately, is the most popular hobby in the world. Every stamp collector aspires to owning an original Penny Black. This was the very first postage stamp, made in 1840 only, though an amazing 68 million were produced so it isn't a truly rare stamp. They are not worth as much as most of us think - starting at tens of pounds and up to thousands for mint items. A good to fine example you might expect to sell for anywhere from PS150 to PS350 today if it's come as a presentation with certificate like yours. Depending on the condition, the appearance of the white margins and much more, you can expect to realise roughly the same. It's worth getting to understand the market - a sheet of 25 Chinese stamps, the very first made, were sold for PS374,000. A British Penny Red has sold for PS550,000. An expert in-person inspection of a potentially very rare stamp is advised.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 17, 2016
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