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Byline: JAMIE BREESE On Antiques & Collectables

Q I own a PS2 coin that I am told is very rare. There's a dove of peace on one side and the Queen's head on the other. However, it does not have a date stamp on it at all on either face or around the sides. What's its value? Pat and Fred Simpson, via email A It may require some further inspection but this appears to be the Gold 1995 British PS2 marking the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The mintage was a relatively low 2,500 and the actual gold content in Troy ounces is 0.4707. Caution has to be applied here as there were others to confuse things a little - nickel-brass proof, for example. If it is the gold version it's worth around PS500-PS600.

Take it for an in-person inspection as coin collecting is a sophisticated specialist field and many variables affect market values. Fingers crossed it is gold!

Q We have an Atari ST games computer and quite a lot of games. Will it be worth keeping? Jean Fisher, via email A In today's climate of PlayStation 4 versus Xbox One, people have long forgotten the humble Atari 2600 games console. It was a true revolution in its day and millions of units were shifted from the late 70s to the mid 80s. They followed up a decade or so later with a home computer called the 1040ST, but that ended up being used primarily for games also.

Revolutionary: Atari 2600 About PS20 to PS50 is the going rate on the second-hand market today.

QI have a Paddington Bear made by Gabrielle Designs. He has blue wellies. Does he have any value? Keith Stevens, via email A Paddington celebrated his 50th anniversary a few years back. The marmalade-lover has never lost his appeal since he first appeared on these shores with a name tag saying 'Please look after this bear'.

Naturally such a bear attracts collectors and among the most popular collectables are the figurines and plush toys made in his honour.

The large plush bears were originally made by Gabrielle Designs (which was run by Shirley and Eddie Clarkson - parents of presenter Jeremy).

They were good quality and made from the early 70s onwards. Early and collectable bears make PS100-PS150 and need the Dunlop wellies, not the later PB marked ones or slightly later ones with paw prints moulded into the soles.

If your bear has straight legs, with no foot shape, then you're looking at an early one. Aunt Lucy is harder to find today and in good shape will cost PS200-PS250.

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Coining it: Is this the Gold 1995 edition PS2?

Revolutionary: Atari 2600
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 3, 2013
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