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WHA affiliate reports.

The Northeast Regional WHA is still undergoing restructuring and is currently awaiting news of whether or not its application for a home at Salem State University in Massachusetts, under the directorship of Dane Morrison, has been approved.

California World History Association

The California World History Association entered its fourth year in October 2009. After a successful conference in Riverside, California, the officers and board of directors took on the task of promoting the growth of the organization. New officers Jonathan Shulman, President, Mike Vann, Vice President, and Kathy King, Secretary, joined Cynthia Brown, Treasurer. Among the matters addressed by the officers were:

* Continued development of the CWHA website under the direction of Ian Kelly.

* Organizing a CWHA presence at the San Diego meeting of the World History Association in June, 2010.

* Planning the 2010 conference at California State University, Sacramento.

* Seeking financial stability through donations and membership contributions.

At the WHA conference in San Diego in June, 2010, the CWHA distributed flyers inviting California WHA members to join the organization. The officers also joined in several very profitable discussions about sustaining growth and broadening association activities at the Affiliates Roundtable. The CWHA was well represented at the conference in a variety of capacities including planning and organization and as presenters on a wide range of panels.

On October 22-23, 2010, the CWHA met at California State University, Sacramento. The theme "California in World History" allowed for a wide range of panel topics bringing contributors from as far away as New Zealand. The keynote speaker was Joseph Pitti of California State University, Sacramento, whose World History research interests and years of experience in teaching California history produced a lively and inspiring presentation embedding California history in a worldwide context.

A business meeting followed the Friday evening sessions.

* Cynthia Brown's financial report apprised members of the increasing financial prosperity of the association. Two large donations, several lifetime memberships, and well managed conference costs for the 2010 conference in Sacramento produced a net sum of $3,700.00 for use in the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

* Ken Curtis and Erin O'Grady were elected to the board with Jim Davis re-elected for a second term of service.

* Amanda Hale was elected to replace outgoing Treasurer, Cynthia Brown.

* La Jolla Country Day School was chosen as the site for the 2011 CWHA conference to be held in October 2011. Al Andrea and Mark Gilbert will be asked to give keynote addresses at the conference. Jonathan Shulman will spearhead planning and organization of the 2011 conference.

The officers and board of the CWHA will continue to put their efforts towards increasing membership, paying particular attention to lapsed memberships. Amanda Hale has volunteered to take charge of the association's Facebook site and Mike Vann will be working with Ian Kelly on improvements in website service. All officers and board members will be working to better inform the California academic community of the existence of the CWHA and the advantages of membership.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy King, Secretary

California World History Association
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Title Annotation:California World History Association
Author:King, Kathy
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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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