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A month ago, my boyfriend gave me a Thrasher blanket. It's comfortable and is valuable to me (it's only worth like $60 but the sentiment makes it priceless). My mom took issue with the imagery on it. I haven't had the best relationship with her, but I've been making an effort to fix that. I overheard her arguing with my stepdad about the blanket (which has a pentagram and a goat's head on it) and something about Satan and other sacrilegious stuff. Well, I get home today, she smiles and asks me how my day was. I'm just about ready to collapse and they leave to have some fun. I discover that my blanket is not on my bed. I tried calling her but she didn't pick up. I'm extremely upset by this. She came into my room (the lock on my door doesn't work) and confiscated something she didn't like. I asked my mother about the blanket. She at first refused to say anything, but then smugly informed me that she had burned it. I was very upset and asked her why, and her justification was that I am her daughter and she was saving me, that she had every right to do what she did since she didn't want it in her house and that she was the victim. I asked her why she couldn't just tell me that instead of taking drastic measures. My stepdad joined in defending her, and told me to call the police if I was going to bitch about it. So I did. I decided not to press charges (police considered it destruction of private property and she did admit it to them) and instead opt for counseling. It is unacceptable that she destroys my property because it doesn't fit her religious views. The police left after they explained everything to her and she remained as smug as ever and went about her business. She gave no importance to anything I had to say so I've decided to move on, make peace with it and keep her and my stepdad at a distance. How do I approach this situation, what are my options and how do I start to trust her again?

Lisa M.

Trust can't be bought. But it can be leased. --Ted

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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:M., Lisa
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 22, 2020
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