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 BOSTON, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Westmount, a leading European CASE vendor announced at CASE World the availability of the Westmount I-CASE solution for UNIFACE developers.
 Westmount and UNIFACE International have cooperated in making an integration between Westmount I-CASE and the UNIFACE client-server development environment. The result of this cooperation is the most extensive bridge between a CASE product and the UNIFACE environment, demonstrating once again the benefits of openness of products like Westmount and UNIFACE. Both UNIFACE and Westmount have made extensions to their environments for the integration.
 The Westmount I-CASE-UNIFACE Bridge
 The integration is based on the Westmount I-CASE Yourdon product for Analysis and Global Design. UNIFACE is used to perform the implementation. The bridge between Westmount and UNIFACE transfers the Graphical Global Design out of the Westmount environment into UNIFACE's Conceptual Schema (model). Then the application is developed within the UNIFACE environment. The bridge also delivers an extensive comparison function between the Graphical Global Design and the Conceptual Schema, in order to propagate differences arising during the actual development of the application. In fact this new product integrates design (Westmount) and development (UNIFACE) by loading Westmount I-CASE generated data models directly into the UNIFACE central application repository.
 The Benefits
 With the integration of these products, software developers will now have a powerful development environment that supports them in high quality structured design and rapid development. "With this bridge we are able to provide UNIFACE developers the ability to build well structured client-server systems with the appropriate tools for the development of mission critical business applications," said Eko Bousema, product manager, Westmount I-CASE Yourdon. The use of the combination of Westmount and UNIFACE will absolutely improve the total software development process in terms of both software quality and productivity.
 Thanks to the structured approach (Yourdon) of the Westmount I-CASE environment the analysis and global design phase will deliver high quality graphical models. As these models form the basis for the generated code, the quality of the resulting application will also be high. The use of the UNIFACE universal application development environment will multiply the productivity of the development and production system of modern IS-departments. The combination of these two benefits (quality and productivity) give the IS-department using the Westmount UNIFACE combination the necessary boost to deliver return of investments.
 "Integrating our technology and products with UNIFACE is a critical component in further fulfilling our open systems strategy," said Bousema. "Thanks to this strategy Westmount already supports more 4GLs than any other CASE-tool in the market today. Growing numbers of customers choosing for Open Systems support us in our strong intention to further expand this strategy." The combination of Westmount I-CASE with UNIFACE results in an exceptional open software development environment.
 UNIFACE is a universal application development environment designed to provide maximum flexibility in adapting to the fast pace of change in today's computing environment. UNIFACE's forms-based interface and many built-in functions make it a powerful tool, allowing complex applications to be developed quickly with a windows-based professional appearance. UNIFACE supports more DBMS and file systems than any other 4GL in the market today.
 About Westmount
 Westmount's main products are Westmount I-CASE Yourdon (for Information System Development) and Westmount I-CASE Ward/Mellor (for Technical Systems Development) formerly known as ISEE and TSEE, which are fully integrated CASE tools for analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. For open CASE repository, the Westmount tools use off-the- shelf relational databases, such as Ingres, Informix, Oracle and Sybase. Based upon the Berkeley-developed TCL language, Westmount I-CASE offers code generation for SQL, embedded SQL, 3GL, Ingres 4GL Informix 4GL and Oracle Forms. Automatic documentation generation according to corporate standards, document management facilities and fully integrated version and configuration management are also featured in the toolset. Westmount I-CASE Yourdon and Ward/Mellor are true client/server products that implement an Open Systems philosophy and provide heterogeneous network support.
 Westmount USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westmount Technology B.V. which is located in Delft, the Netherlands. Westmount Technology was founded in 1986 and is one of the leading CASE vendors in Europe. Westmount's products are marketed worldwide and have been sold to a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, health service providers, financial and banking institutions, government and public services and the manufacturing and communications industries. Westmount has OEM relationships with ICL/Fujitsu, NCR/AT&T. The company has distributors and representatives in many countries worldwide. Westmount USA is dedicated to the marketing, sales, distribution and customer support operations for the Westmount I-CASE product line within the United States, Canada and Latin America. All offices are equipped to provide sales, customer support, as well as training and consulting services.
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 /CONTACT: J. Steven Lovink of Westmount USA, 703-875-8799, or fax, 703-527-5709, or Eko Bousema of Westmount Technology, B.V., 31-15-610815, or fax, 31-15-565701/

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