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WESTLIFE reveal boss Louis Walsh made their lives HELL, slagging their teeth, calling them fat and threatening to sack them.

The band revealed that in their early days Louis constantly threatened them with the chop, when he wasn't calling them ugly.

Kian Egan said: "We lived in fear of Louis. He was like 'You're done. I'm going to kick you out of the band. I'm going to put you on the next plane home. Only four people can fit in a taxi, not five'." Nicky Byrne added: "Louis was always on at you.

The first thing he'd say was, 'Your teeth are fecking terrible'. I remember saying once, 'Your teeth are fecking horrible too'."

Traumatised Shane Filan said the early days were "fecking horrendous", and did his impression of cruel Louis' vicious taunts.

He said: "Louis would say 'You look fat. Watch yourself, there are only three Bee Gees." But Louis wasn't the only bully - the band reveal they used to pick on Mark Feehily constantly.

Kian added: 'We used to slag each other off. It became abusive to the point where people were hurt.

"Because he [Mark] was quiet, we used to pick on him even more. We called him weirdo and used to say: 'Go on off to your closet, hang upside down and read your book'." Mark revealed the vicious abuse left him mentally unbalanced. He said: "Back then, I didn't want to be there getting picked apart by everyone. There was a time I was very unbalanced."

But despite all the abuse, the Westlife boys love Louis now.

Shane added: "Oh we're all fond of Louis. Simon's now doing to him what he did to us, so he's gone and got everything done. His hair's browner, and his teeth are whiter.


When you're looking like that... Westlife were picked on Bully... Louis Walsh
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 21, 2010
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