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Byline: DesClarke

THEY say never speak ill of the dead, which makes it pretty difficult to write about Maggie Thatcher. Others have found it a bit easier. Geri Halliwell paid tribute on Twitter, calling her the First Lady of girl power.

That despite the fact that at 87, Maggie was old enough to be Geri's sister.

A Taiwanese news channel had to apologise for the way they broke the story. They actually ran a photo of the Queen when reporting Thatcher's death. There's a way to avoid confusing them of course. One had embarrassing kids and assumed a divine right to rule over us. The other one's the Queen.

The news programmes are still dominated by the whole thing, building up to the funeral next week.

Some people are surprised she didn't want a state funeral. What, Thatcher wanted to go private? Nae surprise there surely. It's a huge operation though and many folk are rallying round to help. In fact, thousands of ex-miners have happily offered to dig her grave.

church parishioners prayers building. a church, tablet? THE Duchess of Cambridge is to name her first ship in June when she performs the ceremony on a new cruise liner. It'll be a double royal occasion. As Prince Harry will be stood directly underneath where the Swansea control.

champagne bottle hits the hull.


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 13, 2013
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