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DUBLIN Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to working with Cllr Oisin Quinn - the newly-elected Lord Mayor of the capital.

He is the 344th Mayor and was elected by councillors at the Annual Meeting of the Dublin's Council which was held in City Hall.

Chamber chief Gina Quin said: "Dublin Chamber congratulates Cllr Quinn on his election as the 344th Lord Mayor of the city.

"It is tradition that the newlyelected Lord Mayor is appointed to the governing board of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

"So we are looking forward to continuing our close working relationship with him to help make Dublin a more competitive and exciting place to live, visit and do business. Dublin Chamber would like to thank outgoing Lord Mayor Cllr Naoise O'Muiri for his positive contribution to the city and the Chamber as a Council member."

Cllr Quinn added: "I am honoured to have been elected by my colleagues on Dublin City Council to the role of Lord Mayor, representing the citizens of this wonderful city.

"During my term of office I will strive to ensure the role is not merely a symbolic one but one that will act as a driver for positive change in the city.

"Dublin is a great city and I will reinforce the message at local, national and international level it is on the move.

"My main objectives as Lord Mayor are to promote Dublin as a gateway to Europe for business, as a city that embraces diversity at all levels of society and as a city willing to invest in our greatest asset - our citizens. I will work tirelessly to achieve these objectives over the next 12 months and I look forward to engaging with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce during my term of office."

The office of the Lord Mayor is one of few institutions with older roots than the Dublin Chamber of Commerce - which traces its own establishment back to 1782.

The Mayor position was created in June 1229 by Prince Henry III. This title was elevated to Lord Mayor in 1665 by King Charles II.

Before 1840, the Lord Mayor was selected through a complicated method from the City Assembly.

Since 1840, the Dublin City Council has elected the Lord Mayor from its members.

In the present day, the Lord Mayor of Dublin is the symbolic head of the city government.


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Date:Jul 11, 2013
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