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 SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Weitek Corp. (NASDAQ: WWTK) today announced that it is shipping its SPARC POWER(TM) (micro)P, a fully compatible SPARC(R) microprocessor that users of Sun Microsystems Computer Corp. SPARCstation 2 and IPX workstations can install themselves to boost the performance of their applications 1.4 to 1.9 times. Users of SPARCstation 1, 1+ and IPC workstations can also benefit from the SPARC POWER (micro)P through upgrade boards manufactured by Pinnacle Data Systems.
 The Weitek SPARC POWER (micro)P, which Weitek announced in June, is an 80 MHz upgrade CPU for the SPARCstation 2 and IPX workstations. The chip, which users can easily install with a specially-designed extraction/insertion tool supplied by Weitek, is 100 percent compatible with SPARCstation 2 and IPX operating systems and applications software. In addition, the $1,500 chip has been endorsed by Sun Microsystems.
 "Weitek's SPARC POWER (micro)P represents further evidence of how SPARC's open microprocessor strategy directly benefits SPARC customers," said Derek Meyer, director of SPARC marketing for Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.'s SPARC Technology Business. "In this case, the SPARC POWER P microprocessor significantly broadens the upgrade options and performance gains available to SPARC hardware and software developers worldwide."
 Older systems such as the SPARCstation 1, SPARCstation 1+ and the Sun 3-3/80 can also take advantage of the SPARC POWER (micro)P's performance by installing a SPARCstation 2 motherboard from Pinnacle Data Systems upgraded with the new Weitek CPU.
 "We have received thousands of inquiries since we announced this chip," said Tim Propeck, vice president of sales and marketing. "While the order rate has been greater than originally anticipated, we have been able to ramp up production to keep pace and are now shipping in volume."
 Installing the SPARC POWER (micro)P
 The SPARC POWER (micro)P is a pin-for-pin replacement for the existing SPARCstation 2 and IPX CPUs; and is completely compatible electrically, functionally and at the binary software level. "All the user has to do is open the machine, remove the old CPU from its socket and insert the new one with a tool we provide," Propeck said. A manual is included to guide users through each step. Moreover, the SPARC POWER (micro)P upgrade requires no additional hardware or software modifications to the system.
 Typical applications of SPARC POWER (micro)P-enhanced workstations include electrical and mechanical computer-aided design (ECAD and MCAD), finite element analysis (FEA), database management/financial modeling and desktop publishing (DTP).
 SPARC POWER (micro)P Boosts System and Applications Performance
 Weitek's SPARC POWER (micro)P is a 1.8-million transistor integrated central processing unit (CPU) that, compared to the original SPARCstation 2/IPX CPU, doubles peak integer performance, more than doubles peak floating-point performance and quadruples peak internal bandwidth. The SPARC POWER (micro)P also dramatically improves applications performance (Appendix 1).
 The SPARC POWER (micro)P's 100 percent compatibility has been verified through compliance testing performed by SPARC International, an organization of SPARC hardware and software vendors which ensures the compatibility of SPARC chip implementations and supports the migration of application software to SPARC platforms. Certified as SPARC Compliant, the SPARC POWER (micro)P has passed the same SCDv7 tests as the original SPARCstation 2 and IPX. Weitek further backs the chip with a full one-year warranty.
 Availability and Pricing
 Production quantities of the Weitek SPARC POWER P are now available. The new CPU is priced at $1,500 for single-unit orders. Quantity discounts on volume purchases are available. Users in the United States can order the part directly from Weitek by calling 800-758-7000. It is also available through Weitek distributors in Europe and Japan. For Faxback information, users can call 800-827-8708.
 Weitek Corp.
 Weitek Corp. makes processors and controllers that enhance the performance of standard operating systems, user interfaces and application software. The company's products are used to build faster and more intuitive desktop computers and peripherals.
 Weitek has provided floating point units (FPU) to Sun since 1985, is a SPARC licensee, and was the first Sun vendor to integrate an integer unit (IU) and an FPU on a single chip. Currently, SPARCstation 2 and IPX workstations represent nearly half of Sun's total installed base, with more than 250,000 machines in use worldwide. Both are still being manufactured.
 NOTE: SPARC is a registered trademark of SPARC International Inc. All SPARC trademarks, including SPARC International and SPARC Compliant, are registered trademarks of SPARC International. SPARCstation is a trademark of SPARC International licensed exclusively to Sun Microsystems Inc. SPARC Power is a trademark of SPARC International licensed exclusively to Weitek Corp. Products bearing the SPARC trademark are based on an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems Inc.
 Sun and Sun Microsystems are registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems Inc. IPX is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.
 Weitek is a registered trademark of Weitek Corp.
 Benchmark SPARCstation 2 SPARCstation 2 Speedup
 with SPARC POWER Factor
 SPECint92 21.4 SPECint 32.2 SPECint 1.5x
 SPECfp92 21.8 SPECfp 31.1 SPECfp 1.4x
 Peak MIPS 40 80 2.0x
 Peak MFLOPS 13.7 33.3 2.4x
 Benchmark SPARCstation 2 SPARCstation 2 Speedup
 with SPARC POWER Factor
 Cadence Allegro 131 sec 96 sec 1.4x
 (PC board layout)
 Cadence Compose 642 sec 439 sec 1.5x
 (IC layout)
 Cadence Dracula 2,570 sec 1,893 sec 1.4x
 (IC layout/verification)
 Cadence Verilog 1,586 sec 1,065 sec 1.5x
 (logic simulator)
 Intergraph (IC Design)
 Boolean test 44 sec 29 sec 1.5x
 Spacing test 6,606 sec 3,532 sec 1.9x
 Interleaf (desktop 9.1 sec 5.7 sec 1.6x
 Informix WINGZ 294 sec 208 sec 1.4x
 Synopsys 249 sec 147 sec 1.7x
 (logic synthesis)
 MacNeal Schwendler 1,137 sec 810 sec 1.4x
 (finite element analysis)
 NOTE: SPARCstation IPX results match those of the SPARCstation 2 to within a few percent.
 System Configuration: The benchmark results shown here were run on identically configured SPARCstation 2 machines, one of which had been upgraded with the SPARC POWER P. Both systems had 64 MB of RAM and were running SunOS 4.1.3. The benchmarks were compiled with Suns release SC1.0 C and FORTRAN compilers.
 The average speedup of the applications listed is 1.53x. This shows the interaction of a double-speed CPU with a system that is otherwise unmodified.
 -0- 9/20/93
 /CONTACT: John Vidal of Weitek, 408-738-8400; or Stuart Dambrot of Jennings & Co., 415-349-8400, for Weitek/

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