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WEEKEND TV: 10 things you didn't know about... BAD GIRLS.


1 THE ITV drama about the inmates of a women's prison returns on Tuesday .

2 THE opening episode will resolve the cliffhanger from the end of the last series which saw bad boy Jim Fenner about to be stabbed by dangerous Shell Dockley.

3 EX-PRISON officers and members of the campaigning charity Women In Prison advise on the making of the series.

4 BAD GIRLS has a huge cult following and there are more than 70 unofficial websites dedicated to it. The official website,, recorded more than 300,000 during the last series.

5 THE drama is also screened in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia, Poland and Brazil.

6 MEMBERS of the British fan club hired a London pub to watch the climax of the last series.

7 CLAIRE KING (above) has gone from Emmerdale superbitch Kim Tate to Bad Girls governor Karen Betts. She says: "The good thing about Bad Girls is that you still have time for a bit of a laugh. I think it is very important."

8 JACK ELLIS, who plays prison officer Jim Fenner, is the younger brother of Poldark star Robin Ellis. His TV credits include Prime Suspect, The Knock and Heartbeat.

9 THE tattoos sported by actress Alicya Eyo as inmate Denny Blood are all fake. She confesses: "I always scrub them off every night and make- up have got very quick at putting them back on again. Once I did keep them on, just to see peoples' reactions. It's the barbed wire round my neck which gets the most reaction."

10 THE last series of Bad Girls attracted nine million viewers - about 60 per cent of them women.
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