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WEEKEND: YOUR PETS: How can I help my cat cope with a move to Spain.

Byline: with PDSA vet Elaine Pendlebury

Q I AM moving with my 15-year-old cat to Spain later on in the year. I am worried that he won't be able to travel that distance, or adjust to the move. Have you any suggestions?

A THERE are vaccinations and certificates that your cat will need relating to whether you are returning with your cat or staying away permanently. Contact DEFRA through their helpline on 0870 241 1710, via e-mail on or through their website at

Also speak to your vet. He will be able to assess your cat's health, perhaps doing a blood or urine test to help. So make an appointment to get your cat checked over and to discuss any preventative health care your cat will need. As for it coping with the new home, cats are naturally curious but often insecure so allow it to proceed at its own pace. It sometimes helps to confine your cat to one room or a floor so she gets to know where her litter tray and food bowls are.

Q MY dog is being treated for eczema by her vet. I have also been giving her eardrops and eye drops as prescribed by the vet. However she has lost hair from around her eyes. Do you think this will grow back?

A POSSIBLY your dog's runny eyes have affected its hair follicles, and so the hair growth cycle has stopped which can be permanent or temporary. Hairs grow in cycles, each cycle consists of a growing period and a resting period. Most breeds fall into a six-month cycle with two hair sheddings per year, in early spring and autumn. It may be that your dog's hair follicles will be 're-activated' later on, but this is something you need to discuss with your vet.

Q MY DOG is being treated by his vet for an eye infection. The vet prescribed drops, but these have not done the trick. Have you any suggestions?

A IT IS important that you take your dog back to your vet who will want to know whether the drops have worked as this will help and affect their diagnosis. Often finding the correct treatment is by trial and error so it is important for owners to say if any prescribed treatment is successful or not. An eye infection can lead to severe problems, so it is important that you get your dog checked out by a vet again. They then may treat the eye with a cream, different drops or even surgery if the problem is severe.

IF YOU have a question for the vet, write directly to: Elaine Pendlebury, PO Box 5987, Chelmsford CM1 2GP.
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