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WEEKEND: WEEKEND TV: HOT GOSSIP: . . . what's happening in the world of showbiz.

Byline: Marion McMullen

IT'S no good looking at soaps or glossy dramas to find telly's new super-bitches. The real battleaxes are the new breed of interior designers.

Straight-talking American Ann Maurice is to blame. She bluntly told British home-owners how grotty their properties were in House Doctor and now everyone is in on the act.

One of the worst offenders is Other People's Houses presenter Naomi Cleaver. She daintily picks her way through the rubble and wet paint in the Channel 4 series to deliver her damning verdicts with an apologetic smile.

Her all-seeing eye fell on some hand-picked turquoise cushions in one room this week and she denounced them as "Tenerife time-share cushions."

Disappointed owners Will and Andrea, who had slaved over painting, upholstering and major refurbishment to turn their Victorian semi into a love nest, tried to hide their disappointment.

Most of their home she found bland and she told them off for putting carpet down in the bedroom and coloured wall tiles up in the bathroom.

She very begrudgingly admitted their space age kitchen of chrome and white was tasteful, but huffily told them: "When you first described it I thought 'absolutely foul'."

However, even the kitchen didn't escape criticism completely. Naomi thought the chrome table looked like a morgue slab and wondered how they could possibly eat food from it.

The love nest started to look a little shabby seen through Naomi's eyes, but even she couldn't dampen their enthusiasm for their scarlet room ... complete with nude painting and scarlet, well, everything. Taste is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I MUST stop watching BBC2's The Life Laundry - the makeover show has me in tears every week.

Presenter Dawna Walter visited the home of mother-of-two Lisa Hine on Wednesday and made her chuck out dodgy old photographs, clothes from yesteryear and bags of junk.

It all got too much for Lisa and she broke down in tears. There were hugs all around and the mum admitted it was all for the best. "But I never want to do this again," she declared.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 11, 2003
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