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WEEKEND: Keeping mum; Kerrie says a real- life maternal role is on hold I enjoy the company of children on set but that's because they go home ... actress Kerrie Taylor.

Byline: Kerrie Taylor

SINCE cutting her TV teeth in Brookside and Hollyoaks,actress Kerrie Taylor has been kept busy.

In 2001, she swappedChester for Skelthwaite to star in Where The Heart Is.She's been there ever since,playing Beth Beresford, a nurse and step mum who discovered she was pregnant at the end of the last series.

Her latest role in new two part ITV1drama Fallen,on Monday and Tuesday, will see her playing a mum once again - although she's not convinced how much experience she's really notching up in the maternal arena.

``I don't thinkI can say I've had a real experience of how it is to be a mum - the reare chaperones on set. I enjoy the company of children -but that's because they go home,'' says Kerrie, 30,laughing.

She has been married to her ITN journalist husband Jason Farrell, 33, since 2001 but says she's not ready for the responsible role in real life.

``You see children screaming blue murder in the supermarket and wonder how you would deal with it and lack of sleep.'' Away from work the couple already have their hands full with a house they'vejust bought in north London. Kids are a no- go area for the time being.

``We need to get rid of the damp first,'' says Kerrie.

``The novelty hadn't worn off until this week when we realised quite how bad the damp problem is.''

Clearly excited about their new abode,Kerrie's going to have to tear herself away from supervising the renovations to finish filming her fourth series of Where The Heart Is, which will return to TV screens later this year.

``It's nice to go back to the cottage in Holmfirth and shut the door on it all. The builder tore bricks out of the bottom of my house and I was left wondering how it was staying up. He went home one evening and had left one brick left in the middle so the house stayed standing!

``When I'min Yorkshire,I live on a dairy farm and get to drink unpasteurized,full-fat milk from from a cow and take bracing walks in the fresh air. Then,I feel revived to go back to London and the house.'' Sadly,for fans, this series will be her last.

``I'vehad four fabulous years on Where The Heart Is and they'vegiven me great opportunities and fantastic story lines to play.

``You can rest on your laurels and get too comfortable, you need to see what else is out there for you.''

Her first post-watershed drama has given her a taste of something fresh.

``I didn't want this job to end. I loved every day,'' sheenthuses.

The gripping drama, which Kerrie enjoyed so much, is about an amnesiac (played by Jonathan Cake) who wakes up in hospital with no memory of his former life.

As time passes the police detective,Jason,discovers he's implicated in a series of brutal murders,he has a wife and child (but his marriage is all but over) and his parents are both dead. He has no recollection of events whatsoever. Kerrie plays his wife,Louise.

The storyline, thoughcomplicated,makes addictive viewing.

``It's hard to tell how some-one with memory loss feels -I was glad I didn't have top lay that,''admits Kerrie.

However, she does have experience in this area. Three years ago, the actress had to cut short a holiday when her mum fell into a coma after being bitten by an insect.

``When she woke, she knew who she was and who we were but she couldn't remember the events leading up to it. It was one of those moments when you wonder if you'rein a soap opera,'' says Kerrie.

``She was all wired up and couldn't speak. I kept thinking she was going to wake up and wonder what the hell was going on. We had to fill her in on the last 10 days - she had no idea she'dbeen quite so ill.''

Her mother Valerie had contracted blood poisoning which made her fall into a coma.

Her condition was so rare she ended up on TV as a result.

``My mum's also a star,''laughs Kerrie. ``She was in an episode of City Hospital because it was such an unusual condition.

She's fully recovered now.''

Fallen: ITV1:Monday and Tuesday


GRIPPING: Kerrie plays a mum in new ITV1 drama Fallen
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