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WEEKEND: BYTE SIZE: You'll have to put in some work to woo the Singles; Review.

Byline: Tim Frings and Lyle Jackson

Singles - Flirt Up Your Life (18) PC - pounds 19.99

SINGLES is The Sims but with all the rudey bits left in. There you go - that's it really.

Using the same style of graphics as the bestselling game of all time the mission is to woo your flatmate (who can be of the opposite or the same gender as yourself) and achieve a physical relationship - if you get my drift.

You spend your days talking, flirting and doing your share of everyday chores to create the perfect atmosphere to allow nature to take its course.

It's all slightly artificial in that in real life it would be harder for two attractive flatmates NOT to eventually get together, yet Singles makes life pretty tricky.

In fact, much as in real life, I have spent hours romancing my would- be paramour only to find I am getting, frankly, nowhere.

I've had one evening where I achieved "first base" but that's it. 'Twas ever thus.

Also like real life - a good portion of the time is spent doing highly mundane chores such as cooking dinner, cleaning the house and going to work - but that never stopped The Sims becoming a runaway success.

The graphics are fairly sharp and the camera highly manoeuvrable so you can get an excellent eyeful if any action actually takes place but be prepared for many hours work before that fateful day. 6/10

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Gamecube - pounds 39.99

ONE of the most anticipated releases of the year, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is Metal Gear's new, and first, outing on the Nintendo GameCube. Well, when I say new, I mean old.

The Twin Snakes is essentially a remake of the PlayStation classic. It combines the fantastic story and level design of MGS1, with the brilliant new moves and engine of MGS2, creating the ultimate Metal Gear game. Well, that's the idea.

You play as legendary mercenary Solid Snake. You have 24 hours to infiltrate a terrorist group who threaten to launch a nuclear missile if the White House do not meet their demands: You have to stop them.

It plays just how you think it would, just like MGS2. While the controls fit perfectly on to the GCN controller it almost feels as if you've been here before, which make for slightly less exciting gameplay.

Unfortunately, the level design hasn't changed enough for the player to try out Snake's new moves.

Having said all that, The Twin Snakes really is a great game, and I would expect nothing else from the Metal Gear team. For me, not the best Metal Gear Solid game ever, but definitely close. A game worth trying for anyone who has thumbs. 9/10


TOUGH TASK: Seduce your flatmate in the PC game Singles - Flirt Up Your Life
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