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WEEKEND: BYTE SIZE: Chase demons into dark, surreal world; Reviews.

Byline: ALAN HARRIS & Helen Cotterill

Primal, PlayStation 2 Sony - pounds 39.99

FANCY a trip into oblivion to fight some demons, restore the forces of chaos and fulfil your destiny?

You would be hard-pressed to get a better offer all week. Okay, so the plot sounds a clichd romp, but this action-adventure is impressive stuff.

You play Jen, on a quest to rescue your fella, who has been abducted into the demonic realms.

So far, so standard, but what makes this title stand out is its beautifully realised dark, surreal worlds, its depth, style and quality production.

Original touches enhance the gameplay too.

Accompanying you on your violent adventure is a gargoyle called Scree whom you control with a press of a button to alternate between characters.

Jen acquires various special powers through changing into alter-egos, while Scree can climb walls and inhabit other gargoyles to help solve puzzles.

Only a poor combat system and frustrating camera angles mar this game which is at the deserved forefront of its genre. 8/10.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Nintendo Gamecube, Ubisoft - pounds 39.99

THE year is 2008, and your assignment in this first-person shooter is to take charge of two Special Forces teams, each with three soldiers known as The Ghosts.

You guide them through 15 missions in Russia and the former Eastern Bloc, switching between the teams as required.

Unfortunately, the missions themselves are quite basic, merely capturing one area after another.

The soldiers move smoothly and the graphics are average, but weaponry is poor, with no spectacular explosions from rocket or grenade fire.

Annoying situations arise, such as trying to distinguish which doors can be opened or which rocks can be climbed.

The game had great potential and is marginally improved by the eventual unlocking of extra soldiers.

This won't have Metroid Prime quaking in its boots, but fans of army- based games should be happy enough. 7/10


MAKING HER POINT: Jen is on a rescue mission in Primal for PlayStation 2
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Date:Apr 26, 2003
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