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BBC were 'planning to axe Sir Tom Jones from The Voice over a year ago' The BBC don't recognise talent when they have got it - Sir Tom was a good addition to The Voice and kept the programme grounded with less sensationalism than similar programmes on other channels and made the show the success it was! He will be sorely missed!

Theresa Barrington TOM JONES IS THE VOICE Keri Nicola Stephen Get over it! Its just another reality tv programme, same as all the rest and a waste of the money I and millions of other pay for a tv licence. I like Tom Jones, but really, all this fuss! Some people really need to get out more.....

Beverley Reeves Shameful and disrespectful to Sir Tom xx Sue Chivers Sorry. Sir Tom has had a good run.

Looking forward to BG.

Liz Walsh disgraceful ! Boy George what the hell are they thinking? Maria Evans The big insult is that they are planning to replace him with Boy George!

Sameh Strauch I'm Welsh and I'm not bothered one way or another that Tom is no longer on the show. I personally don't like him.

Suzanne Duncan

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 31, 2015
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