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WEBCHAT; Prince Philip tells schoolchildren they 'must have really good brains to speak Welsh'.

I think its a compliment. Its been proven children who speak more than one language have better development.

Martyn Burston The Prince is correct. It's been repeatedly proven that Welsh medium education helps kids to live longer, fly higher, travel further to school, get a job on Dr Who, you name it. Long may he reign over us (while Scotland gets independence).

James Morgan And he's right - first language of these British Isles, and we've had a lot of practice. Minor blip in 19th century when Victorian England tried to ban it. Didn't work - so Phil baby knows his great (great) granny failed....

Phillipa Rees This wasn't a gaffe but a compliment either way you could intrepret his remark.

Adrian Jones From his mouth, everything sounds like an insult, and hello Your Highness, this is nothing exceptional, you don't have to be exceptionally brainy to be bilingual or trilingual, as the case of Your Highness patently reveals! Inigo Jones They can't get Brains until they're 18 years old!

Jim and Gwyneth Dunkley I can remember being a sticker upper for skittles at 14 and having pints of IPA and dark bought for me. Friday morning in school where hard. Hangover on Brains is no good for the brain.

Martyn Burston Nothing worse than a hangover from Skull Attack!

Jim and Gwyneth Dunkley He means well. The man is nearly 100 and still out and about, give him a break.

Steve Lennon Gall hi fod yn galed i siarad ac ysgrifennu ond mae'n symyl eithaf. Michael Steele Who cares what he says? Serena Melody Cutler the only part of our brain that we don't use is the part that says to get rid of you lot.

Gordon Grindle Wales would all be speaking Welsh if it wasn't for the English Joshua Luke Veall England would still be speaking Welsh if it wasn't for the English or Angles and Saxons a they were and created Angleland or England. Allyn Hake Sounds like a lovely compliment either way!

Debbie Back Parasites. Caspar de Grammont Bilingualism increases grey matter, he's right!

Harry Hogg He's actually saying that people who are bilingual are more intelligent! Jeremy Brookman We are not all born English - he wasn't.

Mair Hill He was paying Wales a compliment in a jovial way - can't you see that? Jennifer Banks He was - doesn't everyone like PrincePhilip's gaffes? I find them quite amusing!

Shirley Boggett Of course they do , they're Welsh.

Glen Thomas Is he for real,or being sarcastic? Susan Gillian Smith


Prince Philip in Cardiff yesterday

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Jun 8, 2016
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