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WEBCHAT; Porthcawl's infamous Tarmac beach is being removed after more than 30 years.

The council needs to sort the roads out instead of doing this. Debs2018 Residents and visitors with questions will be able to put them forward at an information session in the Grand Pavilion on Tuesday, February 27, organised by contractor Alun Griffiths. Why not try public consultation BEFORE commencement of construction? Christopher Williams Why don't the council do something about the waste ground around Sandy Bay area, the fair is shocking, the beaches are full of rubbish and the whole place looks run down so do something rather then taking up old Tarmac. Porthcawl61 Good riddance says I. Years ago when I was young I remember a sand beach along there where one could make sand castles and walk down to the sea with the sand on one's feet. Now it appears to be an eyesore.

alicante Let's hope they are not going to spoil it. We visit Porthcawl every Sunday with our grandson who loves throwing stones into the sea, we have been unable to go down onto the beach for a few weeks, he hasn't been too happy. How can you tell a four-year-old he might not be able to throw stones again? Christine McSweeney Seems a bit of a shame to see it go - you could have a paddle without getting sand all over you.

someonehastosayit I once went here for a few days' holiday. When I saw the beach on the first day I decided to go home. George Turner About time! Never seen such an ugly beach anywhere. Hopefully they won't just be patching things up as is usually done, but do a thorough job and landscape things properly.

Lisy2701 We love Porthcawl, I bring my lad here almost weekly and when he was younger it was at least two or three times a week, and we travel from Cardiff. It's quiet which is perfect for him and he's the safe space to explore. He's got learning difficulties and it's been a very difficult time for us all for a good few years and our safe space was Porthcawl's beach. I used to work the market up by the Hi-Tide for many years on my dad's market stall and, believe me, if anyone was sick of Porthcawl it would be us but we've never felt this way. It is a beautiful beach and much loved. Ayler Pendre Are they going to use it to fill the holes in the roads.

Bernard Humphreys Dig out the old beachside swimming pool and two jewels will be restored to Porthcawl's crown. Allan Jones About time... Never seen anything so ugly.

John Moore

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 23, 2018
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