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WEBCHAT; First case of dog killer disease Alabama Rot 'confirmed' in the South Wales valleys.

I live in a wooded area and I have three dogs this scares me.

Niki Lee I m so sorry for Bilbo's owners.

Lost our Whippet just before Christmas , exactly the same symptoms as Bilbo. Unconfirmed Alabama Rot as we didn't have a biopsy of his kidneys.

Ann Jenkins Keep a close eye on our furbabies.

Stacey Searle Tragic story so sad for you and Bilbo.

Margaret Oscar Very sad, poor thing, it's a worry for our pooches. I wash my dogs paws every time I take her out. Christine Gregory RIP Bilbo, sorry for the owners sad loss.

Rob Duggan Poor Bilbo. Thanks for sharing your story.

Laura Cope Soo sorry for Mr B but thank you for letting everyone one know about this horrific disease. Yvonne Healy Casper has that purple mark on him. Is it the same thing? Lynnette Clark Just heartbreaking. Sorry for your loss.

Tina Jones Keep an eye out for this just in case.

Alexandra Joseph-Hodges I hope this isn't what Tilly has? Claire Louise We have to watch out. Poor Bilbo.

Adriene Oliveira Really feel for you but thank you for passing on such important information.

Jean Henry I'm so sad. We're going to ask the vet what we can do to prevent it. Gabrielle Otley Keep an eye on Lady.

Emma Seward Ah no that's terrible , so sorry.

Stev Kendall Aw poor little chap.

Andy Griffiths

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 1, 2018
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