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WEBCHAT; England are now officially better than Wales in the rugby world rankings.

Well England are going to win 6 Nations just like last year. But wait where did they finish? Oh yes that's right fifth.

Frances Denman Win one game and that's it England celebrate. Clair Royle They mean nothing, wait until Cardiff three weeks time. Neil Harris That level of intensity and accuracy England brought to the game will be pretty impossible to repeat for the entire 6 Nations. Every team bar say Italy produces one massive performance in every 6 Nations gone by that's why grand slams are rare these days.

Sean Davies Ah the good old Welsh always so worried about England.

Chris Abbott Here we go, England this, England that.

Mandy O'Donnell One good game and all of a sudden they're unbeatable. Yet Wales beat France playing badly. Only time will tell.

Ben Brettle They have one won game, get a grip will you Wales have won the last nine games so put a sock in it. Maisie Summers After just one game?! I expect that open top bus will be out soon then.

Rhiannon Penny What after winning one game? That don't make the English better than us Welsh.

Casey Louise Williams All teams are equal on the day of match, does not matter who is above who in world rankings, everyone should get a grip. Andrea Morgan Only better than us Welsh. I thought they where the number one team in the world considering they have won one game.

Carl Preece Just because they won one game.

Donna Callender They won one game la la la they now think they are unbeatable. Tisha Purnell

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Feb 5, 2019
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