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WEBCHAT; 'Wales needs to change the law on smacking children' (see page 21).

No smacking. If you hit an adult it's assault, so why should smacking a child be legal? Violence breeds violence. Eirian Williams Some kids deserve a slap. Mouth on some kids these days is disgusting. I heard a load of girls in a park today couldn't have been no older than seven or eight and the things they were coming out with... We're too soft on kids these days and there's no discipline. Gareth Thomas I grew up getting a smack, taught me right from wrong, to respect my elders. I too will smack my children when I see fit! Maybe if more parents did this we wouldn't have the generation that think they are owed something. Becca Gregson People generally love smacking don't they. "Never did me any harm". Um, except that you think it's ok to smack your kids? Jim Harle Here we go, more liberal interference. We can make up more fake medical conditions to explain their unruly, uncontrollable behaviour because parents are in fear of disciplining there children because of do-gooders. David Rees I agree that the definition needs to be updated but a complete blanket ban would be utter ridiculous. Who are the law to say how a parent chastises their child. Note the difference, chastisement not abuse. Children are already protected from abuse by the law. Gemma Louise Seabourne You're taught as an adult that hitting and slapping another person is not acceptable. But apparently there are people here that think it's acceptable to do it to a child? Absolutely disgusting and such a bad way to teach your children how to behave.

Stacey Hawdon There are other ways of disciplining a child without hitting them! Get yourself off to a parenting class if you think the only way is to hurt the most precious gift you've been given! Hayley Pearce Another move towards Big Brother.

Mark Dickson

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 1, 2017
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