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WEB-TPA Renews Partnership with Solucient to Ensure Accurate, 'Real Time' Processing of Medical Claims.

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EVANSTON, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2003

Solucient, the health care industry's leading provider of strategic business and clinical information, announced today that Irving, Texas-based WEB-TPA has signed a two-year agreement ensuring continued access to Solucient's Auto-Audit(TM) software.

WEB-TPA integrates Auto-Audit into its proprietary iii:PUT(TM) medical claims software system to ensure accurate processing of claims in a "real time" environment. This process has helped WEB-TPA continue to exceed industry standard service levels and maintain efficient operations.

Auto-Audit's editing capabilities give payers and third party administrators the ability to detect and correct coding discrepancies in medical claims submitted by providers, prior to payment. Solucient's Auto-Audit clients have historically identified 10 percent or more in cost savings to their organization.

"Auto-Audit has helped us deliver significant savings to our clients by applying defensible edits to incorrectly submitted medical claims," said Joe Pascullo, vice-president of Operations, WEB-TPA Employer Services. "The provider community has accepted the results of these edits, producing a significant decrease in medical claims appeals. Solucient has provided us with the information and confidence we need in our day-to-day interaction with providers."

"Solucient is delighted to continue working with WEB-TPA to ensure that payers and providers have a better understanding of the medical claims process," said Mark Manning, senior vice-president and general manager of Solucient's Managed Care unit. "We share WEB-TPA's commitment to 'simplifying health care' and look forward to providing the full value of Auto-Audit's capabilities."

WEB-TPA has been a Solucient client since 2000.

About Solucient

Solucient is the leading source of health care business intelligence. Its mission is to provide comprehensive, results-oriented information to drive business growth, manage costs, and deliver quality care. Solucient's expertise and proven solutions enable providers, payers, employers, and pharmaceutical companies to achieve results and realize value. By bridging the gap between data and information, knowledge and value, Solucient drives intelligent business decisions. For more information, visit the Solucient Web site at

About WebTPA

WebTPA is a national Third Party Administrator (TPA) focused on the administration of health plans and is committed to "Simplifying Health Care". WebTPA, through the use of it's proprietary "next generation" Microsoft(TM) platform, offers health plan administrators a unique and comprehensive administrative solution by delivering superior service to our members and empowering our clients with the necessary information and infrastructure to effectively manage their health plans. For more information, visit the WebTPA Web site at
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Date:Jul 17, 2003
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