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Disney Learning Tools

Make learning fun with ideas for your classroom from Disney's Imagineers. Edu-Station provides educators with information and projects in the arts, social science, math, language arts, and science. Catch up on the latest happenings with the educator events calendar or learn how to teach technology-style with a cyberlesson plan. This Web site also features everything from Web cards to music down-loads. On the Web at http.// educational/classroom.html.

Word Find Puzzles

Take the challenge: Put your word detective skills to the test with Web Word Find. This archive of printable word puzzles provides the player with vocabulary practice following different themes. On the Web at games/wwf/index.html.

News in Schools

News happens at every hour of every day, and now you can bring what's happening around the globe into the classroom. CNN Newsroom is a free multimedia instructional program that includes daily Features Desks such as Health and the Environment as well as in-depth news stories and coverage of world and regional events tailored exclusively for students. The online daily classroom guide includes lessons with thought-provoking questions and educational links to today's top stories. The CNN Newsroom is cablecast on CNN from 4:30-5 a.m. ET weekdays, 12 months a year. Enrolled schools may record each day's program and use at their convenience. Join the program by calling 1-800-344-6216 or fill out the online application. On the Web at newsroom.

Help With Funding

Grant writing is made easy and fast with this Web site. With the click of a button at, educators can locate federal and local grants and read tips on writing them. The site also lists other ways to raise cash with links to fundraising programs, scholarships, contests, and more. On the Web at

Africa Online

Take a journey to the continent that houses 50 nations of people with this Web site created by students. Explore Africa's many unique geographic features and wildlife without leaving the classroom. Beautiful pictures and well-organized links help students and educators with research projects. Test your trivia with quizzes for the novice and the advanced learner. On the Web at http://library.thinkquest. org/16645.

Is It Summer Vacation Yet?

Even though summer hasn't arrived, you can take a well-deserved "virtual" trip on The American Experience, Way Back: U.S. History for Kids. Vivid photos and descriptive text take you to interesting places around the United States. Other themes featured in the site's archives include Technology in 1900, Gold Rush, Flight, and Stand Up For Your Rights. Check kids/summer/.

CPR Internet Guide

Learn how to help save lives with this Web site designed as a supplement to CPR training courses. Packed with information about CPR and what to do if someone is choking, everyone can learn important skills that will help in an emergency. Download the CPR video demonstration for a multimedia approach or have your questions answered in the "ask the doctor" section. On the Web at index.html.

Going to See A Movie?

If you're having trouble deciding what movie to see this weekend, don't throw out your popcorn yet. Designed to give you movie suggestions based on your personal interests, the site is a modern way to choose from a variety of new releases and old classics. This "collaborative filtering research project" from the University of Minnesota also has options for you to rate movies for other site users and check out movie reviews. On the Web at www.movielens.

Study Guides and Strategies

A student's ability to master writing and studying often determines success in school. Study Guides and Strategies is an online manual that helps students learn how to learn. These tips and tricks can assist with test taking, studying, writing essays, participating in the classroom and more. On the Web at studyguides/.

From Stone to Silicon: The History Of Computers

Created by a team of students, this Web site makes learning about computers easy and fun. From the first human-made numerical calculator to the iMAC, Computer Chronicles from Stone to Silicon is divided into five main sections of computer history, ending with an important event in each stage. You can also read about people's predictions for the future of computers and post your own. On the Web at /22522/index.html.

The Forces Behind Fun

With the Amusement Park Physics Web site, students can learn about science while discussing a topic they can relate to. The site centers around five common amusement park rides and lets students explore the in's and out's of physics online. Experiment suggestions offer them a chance to design their own roller coaster or learn about weightlessness with a freefall water experiment. Many local amusement parks also offer Physics is Phun Days in March, April, and May, where students can perform physics experiments while riding rides. On the Web at parkphysics/freefall2.html.

Into The Unknown With Lewis and Clark

Explore Thomas Jefferson's Corps of Discovery project as you travel with his secretary Meriwether Lewis and his friend William Clark on a four-year expedition into the unknown American West. Brought to you by PBS Online, you can hear modern-day testimony from experts on the monumental mission of the 1800s. Lesson plans are also available in social studies, math, science, and language arts. On the Web at lewisandclark.

Stay Informed

Want to check out the latest daily news centered on education issues? recently launched a new addition to its Web site dedicated solely to education topics. In addition to continuously updated national news stories, the site features special reports, columnists, and guides for parents and much more. On the Web at wp-dyn/education.

Space View

See a new perspective on the world through the eyes of the shuttle Endeavor's high-resolution 3-D images project. The site features the history of the project, world maps, and topography centering on the space mission. On the Web at

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini becomes "virtually" alive through the magic of the Web. This companion to the PBS program has a teacher's guide, the magician's biography, escape secrets, a timeline, and poster gallery. On the Web at www.pbs. org/wgbh/amex/houdini.

World History

Which came first, Appanage Russia or Slavic Russia? Now you can find out quickly and easily on this new site that chronicles the world's history. Spanning East and West, from religion to technology, this site makes referencing dates as easy as a click of a button. On the Web at history/WebChron.

Get Published

Do you like to write but are not sure how to get published? Visit this site that links writers with publishers and provides tips and tricks to future authors on how to get published. On the Web at
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