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ZZZZZZZZZ. Healthcare professionals and researchers can access information on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, keep abreast of activities of the Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board, and search for information on sleep-related grants and publications at the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research Website. Also on the site will be reports on the federal government's research into the link between asthma and sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea; the effects of sleep disorders on the heart; the impact of sleep deprivation on the immune system; and the dangers of drowsy driving.

Scientific Web Spot: Spotfire[R] Inc., launched Spotfire Forum, a community Website connecting scientists, managers, and IT professionals involved in the process of discovery within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Members can download free software plug-ins and source code that connect to SAS Institute's SAS system, MathWorks' MATLAB software, and MathSoft's S-PLUS software,

Medical Gateway: A medical information Website for professionals includes the option of reviewing information from various media, including medical photographs, news articles, and medical journals. The site also includes ACLS and PALS critical care simulators, photo rounds, ECG rounds that present symptoms and rhythm strips, drug information, and a discount medical supply area.

Research Reports: A recent research report from Frost & Sullivan, Mountain View, CA, recognizes two companies for their leadership in the U.S. Medical Ambulatory Telemetry Equipment Markets. VitalCom, Inc., Tustin, CA, was awarded the 1999 Market Engineering Competitive Strategy Award for its ability to uniquely position itself in the ambulatory telemetry market. Hewlett-Packard, Andover, MA, received the 1999 Market Engineering Award for product innovation for the HP Viridia and HP digital telemetry systems. Visit the Frost & Sullivan Website for details and other reports.

HIPPA on the Horizon

Useful sites for a wide variety of information about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

* American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)--Case studies and benchmark information.

* American National Standards Institute (ANSI)--Standards development,

* Arthur Andersen and Health Forum's KnowledgeSpace Healthcare Community HIPAA area.

* Association for Electronic Healthcare Transactions (AFEHCT)--Security overview; healthcare security interoperability pilot,

* Beacon Partners HIPAA site--Patient information and security,

* Benefits Link--HIPAA questions and answers, provided by attorneys, for employers who sponsor health plans.

* Computer-based Patient Records Institute (CPRI)--Tools for developing confidentiality policies,

* Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA)--ASC X12, X12N subcommittees and working groups, results and conditions of upcoming HIPAA transactions,

medical translators

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well, if you don't, there's help out there from Medical Translators, owned and operated by Pablo Jaes, M.D., board certified in internal medicine. The translators are experts in the translation of medico-pharmaceutical documents and can translate to and from any language. They adhere to EMEA and other official glossaries. Certificates of accuracy are provided upon request and are being accepted by the FDA.

??Habla Usted Espanol? More help for Spanish-speaking people around the world from, a multimedia health information site that brings together doctors, institutions, and patients whose first language is Spanish or Portuguese. Physicians and providers can communicate with their patients via the free site that focuses on epidemiotogical issues that specifically affect them.
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Date:Apr 1, 2000
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