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WEB MEMORIAL TO HOUSE OF HORROR VICTIMS; EXCLUSIVE New site to remember violent deaths.


MIDLAND murder victims EXCLUSIVE from up to 30 years ago are being featured in an internet 'memorial garden'.

Tributes to those who have been violently killed are regularly posted online.

Now website contributor Lisa Taylor has set up a memorial garden on Gone Too Soon, a non-profit making organisation launched to enable anyone to create an online memorial.

And tributes have been paid to three of Fred West's victims and two women who were stabbed to death in the 1970s on the site.

Lisa posts a piece on each murder victim featured and wishes that they rest in peace.

Scores of people have posted further touching messages.


Those featured include Fred and Rose West's last known victim, their eldest daughter Heather West.

Heather was just 16 when she was killed by the fiends in 1987.

Her body was found, along with eight others, when police excavated the couple's Cromwell Street home in Gloucester.

A poem posted on the site reads: "If we ask our guardian angel. In a thought or in a prayer, to come and stand beside us, our angel will be there.

"Ahh Heather you were taken so tragically, but you're safe now darling with the angels who care, and will look after you and surround you with their love always.

"Lots of Love from Liz."

Other tributes read: "Heather, I think of you often, such a waste, so much pain.

"Have peace in heaven now Heather, xxx' from well wisher Sharon Bradford and 'rest in peace my pretty queen, i love you.

Josh, 16'."

There are also pages dedicated to Charmaine West. She was the eldest daughter of Fred's first wife Rena. Charmaine, nine at the time, was killed in 1971 by her stepmother Rose, while Fred West was in jail for the rape of 17-year-old Caroline Owens.

Charmaine's body was found buried at 25 Midland Road, Gloucester, where the Wests lived at that time.

Julie B's post reads: "I hope you're safe and happy now. Away from all the evil that sadly surrounded you in your short life.

"Rest in peace little princess."

Another Wendy says: "You are now in the arms of the angels, and those animals you will never see again because they will go to hell, rest now Charmaine, God bless x."

The final West victim on the site is Gloucestershire needleworker Lynda Gough, 21.

She stayed with the family in 1973 at 25 Cromwell Street.

Her dismembered corpse, missing fingers, toes and kneecaps, were found by police in a pit in the garage during the 1994 search.

The Wests' horrific crimes remained hidden for decades.

In 1994 social services became concerned over the disappearance of Heather and police were called in to investigate.

They had expected to find two bodies in their Cromwell Street address, that of Heather and Charmaine.

But the initial search uncovered three leg bones belonging to different people. A more detailed excavation uncovered the horrific history of the Gloucester couple.

Fred committed suicide while on remand in Birmingham's Winson Green prison charged with 12 murders.

Rose was later found guilty of 10 murders and given a whole life tariff sentence meaning she will remain in prison until she dies.


Other tributes posted on the site with links to the Midlands include Rita Sawyer and Lynn Siddons.

Rita was 18 and three months pregnant when she was stabbed to death in a cornfield near Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in 1970.

So far 11 candles have been lit in her memory on the site and a touching poem uploaded about Rita being a daughter, sister, granddaughter and niece.

And Lynn, 16, was stabbed 43 times and then drowned in a puddle on a canal towpath in Derby in 1978.

Eleven candles have been lit in her memory too, along with two tributes referring to the family's fight to bring her killer to justice.



HARROWING... The house of horrors, 25 Cromwell Street, and, right, the Wests' murdered daughter Heather who is remembered on the website; INFAMOUS... Fred and Rose West
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