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WITH just under 700 pupils Wyken Croft Primary School is the biggest primary school in Coventry and among the biggest in the country.

Each year has three classes and there's a waiting list for almost every year group.

Head Derek Gardiner likens being in charge of the school in Wyken Croft, Wyken, Coventry, to steering an ocean liner.

He said: "What we've got here is a huge liner and all of the issues in a one form of entry school in three forms of entry. We have a very close and very family orientated education in a large school."

If the school is like a ship, the three to 11-year-old pupils are far from being all at sea. Instead they have a clear idea of what's important about their school and why they like being there.

They're enthusiastic about the sheer size of the school because it means more teachers, more after-school clubs - and more children to play with.

We asked some of the members of the school council to explain what they like about their school.


D31217_12 ALL IN A GOOD CAUSE... April Hartop, aged 10, and Jake Hope, aged seven, buy cakes from the school's charity cake stall. Picture: James Balfour' D31217_8 I like the healthy dinners. I have school dinners and we have chicken curries and sometimes roast Sunday dinners. They've made the food healthy. Yasmin Hamilton, seven' D31217_9 I like the work we do. My favourite subject is art. We had to do sketches of each other. I did one of my friend Nicole and she did one of me. I like reading as well. Grace Leighton, seven' D31217_10 We've got kind and considerate teachers. Miss Simpson is my favourite teacher. She teaches us lots of good games. Jake Hope, seven' D31217_3 I like the achievement awards. Every week someone from each class who's been the best is called up in the hall in assembly and gets a certificate. I had one for a poem I'd done. Ellis Walker, eight' D31217_4 I like the school trips. We went on one to Coventry Transport Museum and we had a go on a computer and controlled some traffic lights. We also went to Brinklow to do a project on villages. Emily Harrison, nine' D31217_5 I like the pens we get. If our writing is good enough Mr Gardiner gives us a pen in assembly. It's a roller pen. Then if our hand writing is neat enough with that we get a fountain pen. Victoria Porter, nine' D31217_6 The children here are friendly. I think having a big school makes it friendlier. We've got more people. When I'm unhappy my best friend always cheers me up. Aaron Marchenko, nine' D31217_7 I like the after-school clubs. I belong to the dance club. We do jazz, tap and modern. We've also got a chess club, football, netball, choir, squash, cross country and athletics. Catherine Puffett, nine
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Date:Mar 20, 2006

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