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DON'T sweat it, Andy - there's always next year to come. But the big question is, do we have another one out there who can follow him all the way to the elite? Speaking to Rangers boss Walter Smith the other day, the answer was yes - but unfortunately we won't find out because our government will simply never provide the necessary means for kids to do it.

Murray was a silver spoon kid in a silver spoon game.

Take Falkirk for example. Growing up, Dollar Park had the only public courts in the area. Yes the courts were ash but they were minted and they were mobbed in the summer.

Derelict Three Sundays ago I went back there and they were derelict.

Unlined, no nets, two kids had strung an old washing line between two of the poles to get a game.

There could be another 10 Andy Murrays out there but unless they've got parents who have a few quid and make the sacrifices for them, we'll never discover them with the public facilities we have.

In the league I played in you went to Strathblane, Dunblane, Linlithgow, Bridge of Allan, Stirling - Scotland's middle-class waistline. All the clubs were private.

When will an MP or an MSP ever have the balls to address the lack of physical literacy among the bulk of our youth? We're lucky to have guys like Murray, Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Alex Ferguson operating at the cutting edge of global sport.

But you're not telling me there aren't others who can follow them.


Murray: Scot will bounce back
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Date:Jul 5, 2009
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