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WE LOVE tv; To Russia with love PICK OF THE DAY.


WE LOVE NEWS EAR TO THE GROUND RTE ONE, 8.30pm IT'S a term that's becoming more frequent in our news reports and in this programme Darragh McCullough gets exclusive access to a cannabis grow house after a Garda raid.

He sees the damage this can cause to property and meets a landlord in Galway who unwittingly became a victim of the criminal activity.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, leased a house to a woman who paid the rent promptly each month.

Grateful to have an undemanding tenant in an isolated property that he had found difficult to rent, the landlord ignored the nagging feeling she was no ordinary renter. But one evening a number of Garda cars sped past him as he left his own house.

The next morning he was shocked to learn they had been on their way to raid his property.

The growers had knocked down walls, re-wired the house and torn up floorboards, causing thousands of euro worth of damage which the landlord's insurance wouldn't cover.

Superintendent David Taylor identifies the warning signs to look out for when renting a property while the landlord advises people to trust their instincts.

SEARCH3 Tom and Breege Walsh ADOPTION STORIES TV3, 8.30pm THIS has been a great series highlighting the trials and tribulations of being an adopted child and an adoptive parent.

In this episode Tressa tells the story of how she had to give up her baby without even being allowed to touch him.

She was only 19 when she became pregnant and was sent to a Dublin nursing home by her strict Catholic mother to have the child.

The night the baby was born Tressa was allowed to have him in her room but was warned not to touch him as there were adoptive parents lined up and the first woman to hold him would be the one he would bond with.

Tressa's baby boy was taken from her the following morning. She signed all three consent forms at the one time - when she could have had up to seven years to sign the final one - making the adoption legal.

Tressa went searching for her son years later but was told there was no record of her giving birth and that she had imagined it.

On further investigation, a file was found but the mum was told that no adoption had taken place and the people who took her son were registered as his natural parents on his birth certificate - a legal document.

So Tressa's son has never been told he is adopted and she has spent years trying to battle the system to tell him she exists. Meanwhile, Tom and Breege Walsh tell their own adoption tales which brought them as far afield as Russia.

They have Ketrin and Daniel who were both adopted from orphanages there and the children have made Tubbercurry, Co Sligo, their home.

As far as Tom and Breege are concerned, they couldn't love natural children any more than they love Ketrin and Daniel. As a result of their experience there is now a strong Russian adoptive community in Sligo as other couples made the same journey for their family.

There is very little known about Ketrin's natural mother but Tom and Breege do have information on Daniel's so they hope some day the children will appreciate their Russian background and their Irish upbringing.

WE LOVE drama SILENT WITNESS BBC1 9pm IT'S a very small world isn't it? How else would you explain the chances of all of these three things being linked? A young man's body being found in an attic where he has died a long, lingering and quite horrible death, a grieving father sitting by a hospital bed with a sawn-off shotgun desperate to know why his son has died of cancer, and Nikki getting chatted up by a handsome Lord (who also happens to be a Cabinet minister).

The first instalment of this week's two-parter joins the dots between all of these three seemingly unrelated events and still finds plenty of time to reference a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, for Nikki to get all glammed up for a day out and for Leo to have guns pointed at him, twice.

And for once, the overriding smell in the air isn't of decomposing bodies but the unmistakable whiff of some kind of government cover-up.

WE LOVE SOAPS EMMERDALE TV3, 7pm & 8pm CAMERON'S back tonight and you can't blame Chas for not believing she hadn't heard a word from him because his son was ill.

He might as well pretend the dog ate his mobile phone.

Anyway, Chas has finally come to her senses and realised there's no point staying in the village any more. And she can't for the life of her understand why Cameron has suddenly decided he wants to stay.

Tell her about the grave you've got to keep covered up, Cameron on second thoughts, maybe not.

EASTENDERS RTE ONE, 7.30pm THE temptation of Masood is ramped up tonight when Ayesha tries to kiss him again. And this time she's only wearing a towel. His brother AJ is sure that Ayesha is just pulling his leg about fancying him, but we're not convinced that's the body part she's after.

Elsewhere, Alfie surprises Roxy (and Kat) by putting Roxy's name above the door of the Queen Vic. It'll be a lovely surprise for the council too - I'm pretty sure there's more red tape involved in being a licensee than just getting a new sign made.



DAmAgE J PRESENTER Darragh McCullough

DATE J Nikki glams up for her day out

kiss 3 Ayesha wants Masood

DECEPTION J Cameron is lying to Chas
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