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WE LOVE tv; TODAY'S TV President puts focus on talent.


WE LOVE drama THE CHALLENGER BBC2, 9pm WILLIAM Hurt takes the lead in this factual drama about the presidential inquiry into the 1986 Challenger disaster, which saw the space shuttle explode 73 seconds after lift-off, killing all seven astronauts on board.

He plays top physicist Richard Feynman, who is asked to join the commission to find out the reason for the catastrophe.

But it becomes clear the people at the top perhaps don't want to know the full truth because their findings can't be "over critical of NASA".

As Feynman turns detective, we have no idea how accurate Hurt's portrayal is, but his performance is mesmerising and makes what could have easily been a technical film just for space buffs into a wonderful piece of drama.

It takes a while to get going but when it does you won't be able to tear your eyes from the screen.

What makes it even more inspiring is that Feynman had terminal cancer while investigating the disaster.

GLAOCH - THE PRESIDENT'S CALL RTE1, 6.30pm PRESIDENT Michael D Higgins invited some of the best-known Irish writers, musicians and artists to Aras an Uachtarain - and tonight viewers get to see him welcome the talents.

The celebrities, including the likes of Bono, Seamus Heaney, Christy Moore and Imelda May, will perform at the home of the President in this special programme dedicated to Irish people worldwide.

Among the highlights will be a discussion between President Higgins and the Druid Theatre's Garry Hynes and playwright Tom Murphy, and music performances from Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan, The Script, Peadar O Riada and many more.

The programme also includes poetry and drama, with actress Marie Mullen performing the final scene of Tom Murphy's play Famine.

And poet Louis de Paor will also be giving a reading of An Glaoch, a poem in Irish and English that he created for the project.

President Higgins said he hopes the programme "will encourage Irish people everywhere to engage with the valuable resource that is our culture, to look to our creative possibilities and to project our Irishness into the world in the positive way that has been the achievement of our artists and cultural workers".

The performances of all the artists were filmed in Aras an Uachtarain in the RTE special hour-long programme, which was also part of The Gathering 2013 initiative.

WE LOVE documentary DON'T JUST STAND THERE I'M HAVING YOUR BABY BBC3, 9pm CALLUM and Adam are just one month away from their respective partners giving birth but aren't the slightest bit prepared.

Which is just as you'd expect from BBC3 because calm, knowledgeable fathers-to-be would make for very dull television.

The premise of this new series is for midwives to put clueless young men through a pre-baby boot camp and turn them into perfect delivery room material. But, as expected, they have their work cut out.

Callum, 19, is squeamish and just a photo of a woman giving birth has him shrieking "That's disgusting a head sticking out of somebody's a***."

Adam, 26, meanwhile, is a real stress head and knows absolutely nothing about labour.

A quiz his midwife puts him through goes so badly that she ends up asking: "Do you know what a baby is?" He soon does, as he takes delivery of a robo-baby. It's rather sweet seeing him and Callum tend to their expensive dolls, but you do wonder how they'll cope with the real thing. Callum's girlfriend Laura and Adam's wife Lucy will be hoping that the midwives can work their magic.

WE LOVE SOAPS EMMERDALE TV3, 7pm RODNEY is shocked to discover the truth about Brenda's condition tonight. But as Bob tries to explain how much he loves her and wants to stand by her no matter what, her mind is still made up that she's not having surgery.

CORONATION STREET TV3, 7.30pm and 8.30pm KARL is feeling rightly miffed that whatever dastardly stroke he pulls it just ends up throwing Jason and Stella even closer together.

But all that is about to change tonight as he sneaks away from the Full Monty cabaret at the Bistro and sets fire to the Rovers Return.

As the studs of Weatherfield put on their fireman costumes in an effort to get the ladies of the area panting, Stella and Sunita are literally left fighting for their every breath.

EASTENDERS RTE1, 8pm NOW Bianca knows Liam has fallen in with a gang, she's got no option but to resort to strong-arm tactics to keep him away from them. Lucky for her, she's got Ray handy to provide the strong arms.

Elsewhere, Kat tries to get Alfie to call off his solicitors and Ian plans a makeover. Apparently Denise is a sucker for a man in a sharp suit.




Sweet J Adam and his wife Lucy

SUPPORT J Bob wants to help Brenda

DANGER 3 Stella in pub
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