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easTenders (BBc1 7.30pm) 1 7.30pm) NOW that Ronnie has woken up, that Ronnie has woken up, a panicked Roxy tells Charlie they a panicked Roxy tells Charlie they must forget what happened between them. But somehow Ronnie already knows...

Meanwhile, Aleks approaches Phil to ask permission to marry Roxy, right. she's been a busy lady. he's been a busy lady.

Elsewhere the Carters are fighting - almost coming to blows - over stan's funeral arrangements. Not so much at the Brannings', as Max offers to pay for Jim's send-off. And Massood wants to find his son a girl, unaware he's besotted with Nancy.

eMMerdale (iTV, 7pm) JAMEs admits to Emma that he's been rowing with Chas - about her. she takes that as her cue to ask him back for a drink, and manipulate him further.

Jacob asks Rakesh to advise him because he wants to confess to the police. Brenda gives Bob an ultimatum - either Carly goes or she does.

Brenda has had enough of Carly and all her Brenda has had enough of Carly and all her |insults and is ready to leave - but will Bob let Brenda go or send Carly packing? Who will win? And Robert's none too happy to see Donny, Lachlan's dad, is back on the scene.

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Apr 14, 2015
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