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BABYLON (10pm Channel 4) IF you haven't watched last week's episode yet, don't read any further (instead, go to the 4OD website IMMEDIATELY to see what you've missed).

After three weeks of cheerily serving up banter-filled black comedy and life-or-death drama side by side, the series unexpectedly jettisoned the laughs and leapt into something altogether darker and murkier without so much as a backwardsglance.

It was an incredibly bold, gamechanging move and, interestingly, the second time in as many weeks that a character played by James Nesbitt, right, has left viewers utterly slack jawed by his actions.

Now, as Scotland Yard deals with the aftermath, they face what may be the worst week in their history.

For PR guru Liz, this latest development isn't something that can merely be brushed under the carpet with a well-worded press release.

Meanwhile, for armed response officer, Banjo, the realisation that his wife is having an affair leaves him in the kind of agitated state that can only lead to more trouble. And to think that last week, they thought their biggest problem was a bottle of shop-lifted shampoo!

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2014
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