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THE 100 (9pm E4) NINETY seven years after a nuclear apocalypse destroyed Earth, the only human survivors have been living on a space station called The Ark. Now, their supplies are running out. Frankly I'm amazed they lasted this long, but at least somebody had the foresight to pack plenty of cosmetics and hair grooming products. So, to lighten the load, 100 juvenile offenders are exiled back to Earth to see if the planet is habitable again.

This dystopian future feels like a place we've visited many times before, and the prospect of Earth being repopulated by stroppy American teens is a pretty terrifying one. But this series, based on the novel by Kass Morgan, offers some interesting new angles.

Down on Earth, former Neighbours actress Eliza Taylor plays Clarke who leads a search party to find food and much else besides as some futuristic, mixed sex, Lord Of The Flies action ensues. Meanwhile on The Ark, the grown-ups are running a scarily tight ship.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 7, 2014
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