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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 19 ~PRNewswire~ -- Today, roughly 20 million people will quit smoking for a day during the Great American Smoke Out, said Gary Chesnutis, president of We Care Inc. Of these, only a very small fraction will actually kick the habit. Not a very good track record.
 A new quit smoking program, Heart Beep, is designed to help those wanting to quit to do so at their own pace and without any negative or adverse side effects.
 Safe, Positive and Inexpensive
 Designed by engineer (and soon-to-be ex-smoker) Robert Cezar, Heart Beep combines advanced paging technology with recommended withdrawal techniques to provide smokers with a safe, positive, and inexpensive program to quit smoking.
 According to Cezar, "I smoked three packs a day for nearly 30 years. I've tried all sorts of other programs -- nicotine gum, cigarette filters, hypnosis -- you name it. Nothing worked. With Heart Beep, I've begun to wean myself from nicotine and the smoking habit. I'm on a 90-day program, and in less than 60 more days I'll be smoke free. I'm real excited!"
 Gary Chesnutis, president of We Care Inc., the manufacturer of Heart Beep recalls, "When Robert (Cezar) first approached me with the Heart Beep concept, I saw this program as an opportunity to help the tens of millions of smokers in this country quit. My mother has a severe case of emphysema as a result of years of smoking and while I've never smoked, many of my friends and relatives continue to smoke because they have not found a smoking cessation program that really works.
 "My mission is to help the people I love and the other nicotine addicts in this country to quit smoking once and for all."
 Heart Beep employs pagers as part of its quit smoking program. Pagers are widely-used and readily available. No other hardware or paraphernalia is required. If you already have a pager, use it for Heart Beep. If you don't already have one, Heart Beep will rent you one at a nominal price.
 How It Works
 Heart Beep is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow program to help smokers quit smoking. Unlike other quit-smoking programs, Heart Beep lets the smoker quit at his or her own pace. Many smokers are afraid of going cold turkey or cannot afford the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars other specialized programs can cost.
 According to Chesnutis, "Heart Beep combines the technology of paging with proven, gradual withdrawal techniques. After all, smokers continue to smoke because they are addicted to nicotine, one of the most habit-forming drugs known to man. Gradual withdrawal is a very humane approach to kicking any habit. It also allows the user time to systematically change his or her lifestyle habits to accommodate being an ex-smoker."
 The Heart Beep program employs a centralized computerized system that sends out a paging instruction when it is time for the smoker to "light up." These instructions are designed to help smokers easily withdraw from smoking cigarettes over a calculated period of time.
 Day by day, the time between "beeps" gets gradually longer so that the smoker can slowly readjust his or her body to a natural reduction of nicotine intake. At the same time, the program enables smokers to rework their lifestyle by breaking the association between smoking and other activities such as eating and~or drinking. This withdrawal period can take from 30 to 120 days, depending upon how many cigarettes are presently smoked, how addicted the smoker is to nicotine, and at what rate the smoker feels he or she will be able to comfortably "wean" themselves away from this nasty habit.
 According to Chesnutis, "Heart Beep is a positive quit-smoking product~program that uses paging technology to help smokers achieve their desired goal -- to quit smoking forever."
 Complete Program
 As part of the Heart Beep program, subscribers receive a comprehensive users manual complete with information on how Heart Beep breaks the physical, social and psychological smoking habits, how diet and exercise can keep you off cigarettes and a reference resource guide. In addition to the detailed manual, subscribers also receive an 800 Hot Line to call for assistance 24 hours a day.
 Price and Availability
 The program costs $1.50 per day with a one time sign up fee of only $5.00. For participants requiring a pager, add $30 for the first month, $20 thereafter, inclusive.
 The average cessation program takes 30-120 days. You decide. Assuming a two-month (60 day) program, and including the pager rental, total costs would be $140 -- or roughly the cost of a pack of cigarettes per day.
 $90.00 Program (60 days X $1.50~day)
 $50.00 Pager Rental (incl. S&H, 2nd day delivery)
 $140.00 Total
 (With pager rental, there is a $100 deposit on your credit card, returnable in full.)
 NOTE: We Care Inc. is dedicated to providing creative ways for people to solve their medical and~or health-related challenges; enabling users of We Care products to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. We Care is located in Arroyo Grande, CA. Telephone: 805-481-2600. Fax: 805-481-2687.
 A Real Example
 To illustrate how simple and effective Heart Beep is, we've included a real example of how the product~program works.
 To begin the Heart Beep program, all you need to do is call Heart Beep at 800-676-1411 and answer five simple questions:
 1. At present, how many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
 2. Over what period of days do you wish to become a nonsmoker?
 3. Typically, how many hours per day are you awake?
 4. At what time of the day do you normally wake up?
 5. What date have you chosen to begin your Heart Beep program?
 Let's say, for example, that you presently smoke 40 cigarettes (two packs) per day. Let's also say that you wish to become a "nonsmoker" at the end of 50 days Let's further assume that you get an average of 8 hours sleep per day. Therefore, you are awake 16 hours per day. And you normally wake up at 7 a.m.
 The Heart Beep system will begin on Day 1 by paging you 40 times to instruct you to "light up." Since you are awake an average of 16 hours per day, the Heart Beep system will page you every 24 minutes with a "light up" instruction starting at 7 a.m. and continuing until 11 p.m.
 The calculation goes like this:
 16 hours x 60 minutes equals 960 minutes per day awake
 960 minutes divided by 40 cigarettes equals 1 every 24 minutes
 After 25 days (halfway through the program), the Heart Beep system will page you every 48 minutes.
 Using the above example, you are likely to progress through this program as planned, without any problem. After 50 days, you are an "ex-smoker."
 However, you may be one of those special individuals who are so heavily addicted to nicotine that you may find that when you get down to about 20 cigarettes per day, the rate that you are being "instructed" by Heart Beep to decrease is too rapid. This may cause you to "cheat" and have a smoke without waiting for the beep. This may also cause you to feel as though you have "failed."
 We don't want you to fail. Your friends and family don't want you to fail. In fact, nobody except the tobacco companies wants you to fail.
 Therefore, if you need to adjust your rate of withdrawal, call Heart Beep. We can decrease the rate at which you are being "instructed" to quit. Simply tell our analysts that you wish to decrease the rate of descent. The analyst will know from our computer system how many cigarettes you are presently smoking (20 in the example). A new target date can be established for you to become an ex-smoker and the period between smokes will increase at a slower rate (over a longer period of days).
 On the other hand, you may be one of those fortunate smokers who has a higher tolerance to nicotine (less addicted) and may find that once you are down to about 5 cigarettes per day, you simply want to go "cold turkey." Again, call Heart Beep and tell us you are an ex-smoker. We will send you your certificate for succeeding and turn off the "beeps."
 -0- 11~19~92
 ~NOTE TO EDITORS: Figures are available~
 ~CONTACT: Valorie Stephen of Info-Catalysts, 408-562-6399, for We Care~

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