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Byline: By Wayne Nowaczyk South Wales Echo

The family of murderer Christopher Elsbury have today pleaded for permission to see his son.

Yesterday, Elsbury began a life sentence for the murder of his wife of 28 days Melanie, the mother of their four-year-old son Christopher.

Today, Elsbury's brother Sandy said nothing could make up for what his brother did but he hoped Melanie's family realised they were victims too, and allow them to maintain contact with the little boy.

At his home in Pontypool, Mr Elsbury, 27, said: 'My family haven't seen little Chris since that awful day last January and we all miss him terribly.

'He and my family are innocents in all this and shouldn't be punished for my brother's deeds - that lovely little boy needs our love and support more than ever.'

Mr Elsbury said his family understood that his brother and Melanie, 27, who also had two other children, were both responsible for their often tempestuous relationship.

He said: 'Nothing can make up for the crime my brother committed and he'll be tortured until the day he dies because Melanie was the love of his life.

'They had a tempestuous relationship with rows that sometimes became physical on both parts . But her death blew my family out of the water, we all felt physically sick and will never get over it.'

Mr Elsbury added: 'Little Chris is the image of his father, a real daddy's boy, and my brother lives just to see him again. But I couldn't bear to be there when he has to explain to his son what he did to his mum.'

New measures

Features of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill include:

Making the breach of a civil non-molestation order an arrestable criminal offence carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Making common assault an arrestable offence.

Extended use of restraining orders so one can be imposed after a first offence and even after the defendant has been acquitted of other charges.

Reform to defences to murder, including provocation.

Giving people in same sex relationships the same protection as those in heterosexual relationships.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 9, 2004
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