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Byline: Vivienne Aitken

Retired cop's vow over t he World's End double murder SEX killer Angus Sinclair could stand trial for a second time over the World's End murders.

Prosecutors are to apply to have Sinclair's acquittal set aside within weeks.

Their double jeopardy move - which could finally see the 1977 murders of TURN TO PAGE 6

WORLD'S END SINCLAIR SET TO FACE SECOND TRIAL OVER MURDER OF GIRLS Over 30 years, generations of police officers have never let it go .. never forgotten Helen and Christine FORMER DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE TOM WOOD From Page One teenagers Helen Scott and Christine Eadie officially solved - comes after new evidence emerged in the case.

Last night, the retired deputy chief constable who was in charge of the case, said it was proof they had never given up on the fight for justice for Helen and Christine.

The two girls, both 17, were last seen alive leaving the World's End pub in Edinburgh's Royal Mile in October 1977.

Their beaten, raped and strangled bodies were found in fields six miles apart in East Lothian the following day.

Last night, Helen's 81-year-old father, Morain Scott, said he was hopeful of getting a resolution at last.

At his home in Edinburgh, he said: "I have to feel optimistic again that something will happen.

"We are in the hands of the police, the Crown Office and the justiciary so I just have to wait and see what happens.

"We have been waiting for justice for 34-and-ahalf years. It is a long time.

"That's what I keep hoping for, for justice - not for me but for the girls. They deserve justice."

Deputy chief constable Tom Wood, who retired in 2005, said: "Over 30 years, generations of police officer have never let it go, never forgotten Helen and Christine.

"Now it's clear that neither have the Crown. And that has to be very good news for justice in Scotland."

Sinclair, who has a string of sex attack convictions and has been jailed for two separate killings, was first brought to trial for the World's End killings in 2007.

The trial collapsed in September 2007 when judge Lord Clarke ruled the Crown had insufficient evidence to proceed with the case.

But the Daily Record understands that fresh evidence, which was not available at the trial, has since been uncovered by police using new forensic techniques.

The Crown is now set to ask the Appeal Court to set aside Sinclair's acquittal.

If judges agree to the request, it would pave the way for him to be charged with the murders for a second time.

Sinclair is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of 17-year-old Mary Gallagher in Glasgow in November 1978.

He killed for the first time when he was just 16, pleading guilty to the culpable homicide of Catherine Reehill, eight, who he sexually assaulted and strangled.

His acquittal of the World's End murders was specifically referred to by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill when the new double jeopardy law came into force in November following a two-year review by the Scottish Law Commission.

The commission's report recommended that any change to the 800-year-old law preventing anyone cleared of a crime from standing trial again on the same charge should only apply to new acquittals.

This would have prevented Sinclair being charged for a second time over the World's End killings.

But this recommendation was ignored by the Scottish Government, who said suspects could face retrial for very serious crimes if "compelling new evidence" emerged - even when the original trial had been heard before the new law was introduced.

The Crown Office confirmed yesterday that the World's End murders were being investigated by Lothian and Borders Police following a review by prosecutors. They said the families of the two victims were being kept informed of developments in the case by the Crown and police.

The Crown Office statement said: "While it is not appropriate to comment or speculate on the live investigation into these murders, the public can be assured that where there is new, compelling evidence of guilt, the length of time since committal or acquittal should offer no protection.

"We are committed to using the powers under the new double jeopardy legislation. We hope that this commitment will give reassurance to the families of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie."

Timeline of tragic killings OCTOBER 15, 1977 Christine and Helen meet friends on the Royal Mile, and after visiting several pubs arrive at the World's End at 10pm.

PC John Rafferty is the last person to see them alive after helping Helen to her feet when she falls over. He then notices the girls being approached by two men.

OCTOBER 16, 1977 A couple walking their dog find Christine's naked, bound and beaten body at around 2pm at Gosford Bay, East Lothian. At 6pm, a farm worker finds Helen's body in a field of corn stubble six miles away.

MAY 1978 After one of Lothian and Borders Police's biggest ever inquiries involving hundreds of offers, 13,000 suspects and the interviewing of every squaddie in Scotland, the investigation is scaled down. 1988 The advent of DNA technology causes police to reopen the investigation but it remained unsolved. 1996 The case is reopened again by detectives. 1997 Forensic experts test a stain on Helen's coat which uncovers DNA from two men. But police cannot find a match. 2004 A further section of the stain is tested and a database search matches the DNA to Angus Sinclair, who is serving life in prison. 2005 DNA samples are taken from a flat which Sinclair's late brother-inlaw Gordon Hamilton helped redecorate. They match DNA from Helen and Christine's bodies. 2006 Sinclair appears at the High Court in Edinburgh accused of raping and murdering Christine and Helen. The charges allege he acted with Hamilton, who died in 1996.

AUGUST 2007 The trial begins at the High Court in Edinburgh. Sinclair lodges a defence incriminating Hamilton. SEPTEMBER 2007 The trial collapses when the judge says the Crown has insufficient evidence. MARCH 2012 A new investigation is launched under double jeopardy legislation that will allow Sinclair to face a retrial.



NOT FORGOTTEN Sinclair, right, could face second trial over murders of Helen and Christine SIGHTING J Friends Helen and Christine were last seen in the World's End pub. Tom Wood oversaw the inquiry until retirement in 2005 VICTIMS J The bodies of the teenagers were found dumped openly in fields MONSTER 3 Sinclair killed first when he was just 16. Below, our story on the collapse of the 2007 trial. Right, Morain Scott at Helen's grave in 1997
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