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YOU might believe you are seeing double - but the shocking truth is that Calley Westwood is single.

Which seems rather strange, considering her outstanding charms.

Perhaps she is just too much woman for one man to get to grips with.

The buxom 20 year-old certainly has two pertinent points in her favour.

"I think my best features are my big blue eyes," she says.

Perhaps there are a few frisky fellas out there who would like to get to grips with the shapely Sheldon administrator.

So here are a few tips, lads - she likes 'em confident, she likes 'em cheeky.

But just how cheeky?

"Guys are always coming up to me in clubs and asking: 'Are they real?"' she giggles.

Whatever can she be talking about? Must be those big, blue, eyes again.

Meanwhile, Michelle Moulton has a healthy attitude to life.

The 19 year-old telesales worker enjoys rugby and boxing.

"But only watching, not taking part," she said. "Otherwise I'd be black and blue!"

Allowing those lissome limbs to go lumpy would be a tragedy.

But the Chelmsley Wood charmer does like to get physical by running and cycling.

She also goes clubbing three nights a week, looking for that perfect man, who would be tall, dark and then some.

"The Italian types are the ones I really go for," she grins.

But once she has bagged that buff bloke, what else is she looking for?

"I'm not incredibly ambitious," she says. "I just want to be happy.

"I'd also really like to do some modelling and maybe get a contract. That would be incredible

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BUXOM: Calley Westwood and (below) Michelle Moulton
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 18, 2005
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