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WCMA technology partners: connecting manufacturers of woodworking machinery and supplies to member companies.

The Wood Component Manufacturers Association (WCMA) has a "Technology Partnership" program to connect manufacturers of woodworking machinery, equipment, supplies, software and business solutions to WCMA member companies who utilize these products and services. Our Technology Partners have the opportunity to showcase and educate WCMA members on their newest technologies, products and services. The centerpiece of the Technology Partner program is our Wood Technology Expo, which is held annually in conjunction with the WCMA Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event.

To find out more about becoming a WCMA Technology Partner, contact the WCMA office at 770-565-6660 or e-mail A listing of all Technology Partners is on the WCMA's Web site, wood click on Technology Partners.

Alexander Dodds Co.

Tel: 616-784-6000


Products: Alexander Dodds produces drawer machinery, dovetailers, dovetail gluers, drawer clamps, bore and dowel. Precise dovetailing and assembly without rifling and sanding. Mortise and bore machinery for mortising and boring pockets for Mod-eez clips.

Arminius Tooling Inc.

Tel: 320-294-5900

Products: Arminius Tooling customers achieve excellent surface qualities on natural woods, veneer and MDF panels. It is an innovator in profile sanding.

Black Bros. Co.

Tel: 815-539-7451

Products: Black Bros. provides manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality coating, gluing, and laminating equipment. Whether you're interested in single machines or complete systems, Black Bros. has the experience to meet your exact needs.

Carolina Specialty Tools

Tel: 828-397-2467

Products: Carolina Specialty Tools specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech cutting tools for the woodworking industry. Carbide-tipped, insert tooling and diamond tooling for industrial CNC machinery.

Costa & Grissom Machinery Co, Inc.

Tel: 336-434-6644

Products: Costa & Grissom is a leading provider of sanding, finishing and automation equipment for processing wood and solid surfaces. It offers innovative and moneysaving solutions, proactive parts, service, and training.



Eagle Machinery & Supply, in conjunction with WoodEye, has developed a scanning system to process two material species simultaneously, on a just-in-time basis. This system enables component manufacturers to consistently match material and information flow using process control software and custom material handling. (877) 744-9447; CIRCLE 150

Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc.

Tel: 330-852-1300

Products: Eagle Machinery & Supply specializes in rough mill solutions and optimized system integration. Eagle offers custom designed machinery systems, material handling, vision scanning, machine controls, and retrofit packages, the Ripmaster optimizing fenceless ripsaw feeder, the Talon optimizing cutoff saw, blower fans, hydraulic power units plus an extensive inventory of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical components.

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Fletcher Machine Co. Inc.

Tel: 800-438-1054

Products: Fletcher Machine manufactures the only American-made edgebander and products range from heat transfer foil machines to electronic trimmer machines, softformers, single and double-sides tenoners, shapers, sanders, flatline laminators, and the E-Z Door raised pane door machine. CNC controls offered on all machines. Custom built machines.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers

Tel: 800-877-4583

Products: Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, manufactures adhesives for the domestic and global wood furniture, millwork, and engineered-lamination markets. Our products provide superior performance in wood assembly, solid edge and face gluing, engineered product lamination and finger jointing.

Friulmac Inc.

Tel: 828-327-6265

Products: Friulmac offers single and double end tenoners, random length end matchers with endless work station combinations. They also offer on-site technical support and spare parts packages.

Froedge Machine & Supply

Tel: 270-487-5891

Products: Industrial solutions focusing on labor-saving devices and yield improvements. It achieves this through the use of high technology and material handling concepts.

Hasko Inc.

Tel: 423-648-5200

Products: Hasko Inc. manufactures optimizing gang rip saws & systems; S4S & S2S side matching and planing centers; end matchers for solid & laminated material; lineal feed tables; sorting, grading and nesting systems; crayon-mark & optimizing cutoff saws; custom machine design; repair, service and troubleshooting.

Jenkins Systems

Tel: 920-452-2110

Products: Jenkins manufactures high quality, easy-to-operate cabinet, millwork, furniture, ready-to-assemble, sizing, and specialty machinery with guaranteed precision and measurable repeatability designed to your specifications. Tenoners, CNC miter machines, CNC shapers, tool changers, robotics as well as special application machinery.

Leitz Tooling Systems

Tel: 800-253-6070,

Products: With 14 domestic sales/service centers, Leitz is a leading supplier of complete tooling solutions, technical support, and tooling service to the woodworking industry

Mereen-Johnson Machine Co.

Tel: 612-529-7791

Products: Mereen-Johnson has been setting the standard for the woodworking industry since 1905 and manufactures a complete line of fixed arbor and movable blade rip saws, single and double end tenoners (1-8 stations), panel sizing equipment, dovetailers, engineered materials processing equipment, and complete rough mill optimizing/material handling systems.

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Microtec Industries North America Inc.

Tel: 250-804-1890

Products: Microtec North America is a solution provider for scanning, optimization, controls, and lumber handling equipment for the secondary wood products, engineered wood, and sawmill industries.

Mirka Abrasives Inc.

Tel: 330-472-7305

Products: Mirka is a leading manufacturer of innovative finishing products and solutions that are used throughout the woodworking industry.

Northtech Industrial Machinery LLC

Tel: 502-719-0015

Products: Northtech offers a complete line of double-surface planers 24" to 63", bottom & top sanders and planer sanders, Shenko moulders 8"-20", straight line rip and gang rip, movable arbor gang rip, tenoners, random length end matchers and custom boring machines.

C.R. Onsrud Inc.

Tel: 704-508-7000

Products: C.R. Onsrud offers a comprehensive line of high-precision products including 33 standard models of 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC routers, four models of inverted pin routers, and a complete line of tooling and accessories.



Mereen-Johnson's Model 524-0C/SR can be equipped with up to four fully independent shifting saw blades for production flexibility, improved raw material utilization and reduced set-up times. It can be integrated with automatic infeed systems such as the Rip Navigator Optimizing System. Visit AWFS Booth #9625. (612) 529-7791; www.mereenjohnson. com CIRCLE 151

Progressive Solutions

Tel: 604-214-8750

Products: Progressive Solutions offers sales, inventory and accounting software for wood component manufacturers and suppliers. Industry leaders use Lumber Track[TM] and bisTrack[TM] to boost competitiveness and profitability.


Tel: 770-813-8818

Products: SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of solid wood, wide belt sanding, and panel processing machines, from entry level to the most advanced, sophisticated integrated lines and systems.

Stiles Machinery Inc.

Tel: 616-698-7500

Products: Solid Wood Technologies features Kentwood moulders and rip saws, Wadkin grinders, and SystemTM optimizing systems are just the beginning of a comprehensive offering available through Stiles for the processing of solid wood components.

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Stiles Machinery's ProLink software for Kentwood moulders offers memory for 10,000 programs and an interactive production module specifying build order and enabling real-time tracking by: order number, profile name/number, quantity, footage as well as start and stop times and the operator responsible for each run. ProLink can also double as a machine diagnostic system, displaying locations of machine faults and providing descriptions. (616) 698-7500; www.stiles CIRCLE 152

Taylor Group

Tel: 845-452-3780

Products: James L. Taylor Mfg. Co. has 3 divisions: Taylor produces edge-gluing and laminating machinery; Cameron Automation features optimization systems for the rough mill; and JLT Clamps supplies edge-gluing and door clamping machinery.

Timesavers Inc.

Tel: 800-537-3611

Products: Timesavers provides wide belt abrasive finishing machines for surfacing wood, metal, plastics, and other materials. It produces finish sanders, abrasive planers, combination knife planer/sanders, feed through orbitals/sanders, rough lumber abrasive planers, molding sanders as well as custom built sanding machines.


Tel: 704-799-0100

Products: Your single source for solid wood processing machinery, scanning, and integration software to maximize your profitability. WEINIG--We're ForWood Thinking !

WoodEye North America Inc.

Tel: 770-995-6765

Products: WoodEye is a world leader in developing vision scanners for the woodworking industry exclusively since 1981. Our scanners work with any brand cross cutting saws, planers or sorting lines.


Woodworking Machinery Industry Association

Tel: 410-628-1970

WMIA is a trade association that provides the North American woodworking industry with the technology, services and information resources that enables it to compete successfully in the global marketplace while furthering partnership and cooperation amongst members in all areas of business.


A select group of manufacturers representing all segments of woodworking machinery, equipment, software and business solutions exhibit at the Wood Technology Expo to discuss the latest technological developments that offer solutions to wood processing challenges for dimension and component manufacturers. Attendees have a one-on-one opportunity to discuss problems and solutions for their specific companies.

The Wood Technology Expo is held in conjunction with the Fall Conference & Plant Tour event. For information, visit
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