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WCMA Technology Partners: bringing together manufacturers of machinery and supplies to member companies.

The Technology Partnership program connects suppliers of woodworking machinery, equipment, supplies, software and business solutions to WCMA member companies who utilize these products and services. Technology Partners have the opportunity to showcase and educate WCMA members on their newest technologies, products and services.

To find out more about becoming a WCMA Technology Partner, please contact the WCMA office at (770) 565-6660 or email


Tel: (651) 733-5486

Products: 3M is the source for surface conditioning, coated, bonded and super abrasives for use in cabinet, furniture, custom woodworking, millworking, metal fabrication and more.


Tel: (801)965-1900

Products: Since 1983, Accu-Systems has been producing machines that specialize in CNC controlled dowel insertion, boring, sawing, haunching, coping, dovetailing, routing, mitering, mortising, louver grooving, and tenoning.

American Wood Dryers

Tel: (503) 655-1955

Products: Established in 1981, American Wood Dryers manufactures premium, all-aluminum dry kilns, Drystar computer control systems with in-kiln real-time MC weighing system, ThermoVent powered, reversible heat recovery system that reduces drying time by 15% or more, plus triple-length, dual-path continuous kilns for pines or other softwoods.

Arminius Tooling Inc.

Tel: (320) 294-5900

Products: Arminius Tooling customers achieve excellent surface qualities on woods, veneer & MDF panels. They are innovators in profile sanding.

Automation & Electronics

Tel: (318) 202-5285

Products: Automation & Electronics (A&E) has been in the controls and automation business for over 25 years. They specialize in completing projects from servicing the smallest electronic devices to complete turnkey projects.

Black Bros. Co.

Tel: (815) 539-7451

Products: Black Bros. Co. is a designer and manufacturer of roll coating and laminating systems for the wood products industry. "A Partner for Technology Solutions."

C.S. Industries LLC

Tel: (877) 785-0274

Products: CSI is the exclusive agent for Innovative Wood Technology Moldrup. Moldrup has wood protection application equipment and specializes in turnkey plants for hydro-thermo wood treatment for hardwoods. The CSI group also represents The Moisture Meter Co., offering moisture meters and stress graders from hand-held meters to automatic in-line meters as well as complete kiln systems.

Eagle Machinery & Supply

Tel: (330) 852-1300

Products: Eagle Machinery specializes in dimension mill systems, optimizing solutions, and integration of new and existing equipment. Eagle also offers custom machining systems, material handling, vision scanning, controls, the Ripmaster optimizing fenceless ripsaw feeder, Talon optimizing cutoff saw, blower fans and hydraulic power units.

Fletcher Machine Co. Inc.

Tel: (800) 438-1054

Products: Fletcher Machine offers a range of machines built to customer's needs. It manufactures the only American-made edgebander and products range from heat transfer foil machines to electronic trimmer machines, softformers, single and double-sided tenoners, shapers, sanders, flatline laminators, and the E-Z Door raised panel door machine.


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers


Tel: (614)445-1337

Products: Franklin Adhesives manufactures adhesives for the wood furniture, millwork and engineered-lamination markets. Under the brand names of Titebond, Multibond and Advantage, Franklin's products provide superior performance in wood assembly, solid edge and face gluing, engineered product lamination and fingerjointing.

Friulmac Inc.

Tel: (828) 327-6265

Products: Friulmac offers single and double-end tenoners, random length end matchers with endless work station combinations. They also offer on-site technical support and spare parts packages.

Froedge Machine & Supply

Tel: (270) 487-5891

Products: Industrial solutions focusing on labor-saving devices and yield improvements. Froedge achieves this through the use of high technology and material handling concepts.

Hasko Inc.

Tel: (423) 648-5200

Products: Hasko is an American manufacturer specializing in medium-to-high production rough mill & flooring machinery. Products include: optimizing gang rip saws & systems; S4S & S2S sidematching and planing centers; end matchers for solid & laminated material; lineal feed tables; sorting, grading & nesting systems; crayon-mark & optimizing cutoff saws and custom machine design.

Leitz Tooling Systems

Tel: (616) 698-7010

Products: Leitz manufactures high-precision cutting tools for machining wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals and advanced materials. In addition to the 8000+ standard tooling solutions in our product offering, our innovations include the Challenger Award winning RipTec Cutting System, WhisperCut Pre-Mill Cutterhead and ThermoGrip Clamping System.

Mereen-Johnson Machine

Tel: (612) 529-7791

Products: Mereen-Johnson has been setting the standard for the industry since 1905. We manufacture a complete line of fixed arbor and movable blade rip saws, single- & double-end tenoners (1-8 stations), panel sizing equipment, dovetailers, engineered materials processing equipment, and rough mill material handling systems.

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Mirka Abrasives Inc.

Tel: (330) 472-7305

Products: Mirka Abrasives is a leading manufacturer of innovative finishing products and solutions used throughout the woodworking industry.

MultiCam Inc.

Phone: (972) 929-4070

Products: MultiCam Inc. is a global force in CNC cutting solutions that includes entry level to heavy-duty industrial CNC routers for the woodworking industry. Other products include CNC plasma, laser, water jet and knife cutting machines.

National Casein Co.

Tel: (773) 846-7300

Products: National Casein has been manufacturing high quality adhesives for the woodworking, packaging and paper converting industries since 1921. Industries include furniture, cabinets, architectural/flush doors, veneering/splicing and structural laminations. Adhesive systems include: PVA's, crosslinks, urea resins, hot melts, paper & PVC laminating, and powdered resin adhesives that include casein and melamine.

Newman Machine Co.

Tel: (336) 273-8261

Products: Newman manufactures high quality woodworking machinery for the wood component, furniture, planer mill, sawmill, and pallet industries. They provide the best in parts and service.

C.R. Onsrud Inc.

Tel: (704) 508-7000

Products: C.R. Onsrud offers a comprehensive line of high-precision machining products including 33 standard models of 3,4, and 5-axis CNCrouters, four models of inverted pin routers, as well as tooling and accessories.

Progressive Solutions Inc.

Tel: (877) 746-4774

Products: The lumberTrack [TM] is an integrated information management system including CRM, KPI Dashboards, Production Tracking and Costing, Inventory Control, Sales & Shipping, Purchasing & Receiving, Transportation, Scanned Document Management, e-Business Portal, Accounting and Business Intelligence functions.

Progressive Systems Inc.

Tel: (612) 788-8081

Products: Incorporated in 1987, Progressive Systems manufactures custom production machinery and systems plus offers consultation, engineering and replacement parts. Equipment includes double - & single-end tenoners, cut-to-size machines, multiple rip machines, door and window sizing equipment and moulder feeders.

Safety Speed Mfg.

Tel: (763) 755-1600

Products: Safety Speed has been manufacturing high quality, American-made panel processing machinery for over 50 years. They build vertical panel saws, panel routers, wide belt sanders and edgebanders.


Tel: (770) 813-8818

Products: SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of moulders, tenoners, gang ripsaws, wide-belt sanders, 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC routers, panel processing and classical machines for solid wood processing. The product line ranges from entry level to the most advanced sophisticated integrated systems.

Stiles Machinery Inc.

WCMA Diamond Sponsor

Tel: (616) 698-7500

Products: Stiles provides a Total Production Solutions approach by also offering integration, financial services, education, service and parts. Solid Wood Technologies features Kentwood moulders, ripsaws and grinders, and SystemTM optimizing systems are part of a comprehensive offering for the processing of solid wood components. Stiles also offers panel processing equipment.

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Taylor Mfg./Cameron

Automation/JLT Clamps

Tel: (845) 452-3780

Products: James L. Taylor Mfg. has 3 divisions: Taylor produces edge-gluing and laminating machinery; Cameron Automation features compact and intuitive optimization systems for the rough mill; and JLT Clamps supplies edge-gluing, door, and drawer clamping machinery for smaller shops.

Timesavers Inc.

Tel: (800) 537-3611

Products: For over 60 years, Timesavers has been providing widebelt abrasive finishing machines for surfacing wood, metal, plastics, etc. Machines include: finish sanders, abrasive planers, combination knife planer/sanders, feedthrough orbitals/sanders, rough lumber abrasive planers, moulding sanders and custom built machines.

Ultimizers Inc.

Tel: (503) 663-7777

Products: Ultimizers builds "Ulti-Vision" scanners for wood products. Scanners are available for new or existing rip and crosscut saws. Ulti-Vision will increase dollar recovery.

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WEIMA America Inc.

Tel: (803) 802-7170

Products: WEIMA offers a range of hopper-fed and horizontal grinders as well as briquette press systems to the woodworking industry.

Weinig Group

Tel: (704) 799-0100

Products: Weinig is a leader in solid wood processing, specializing in ripping, crosscutting, fingerjointing, moulding and scanning. The newest member of the Weinig Group, Holz-Her CNC routers/machining centers further complement their solid wood products.


Mereen-Johnson will unveil its Rip Navigator Tracker optimizing system at AWFS, Booth 8925. It can fit in virtually any size shop, has a small footprint and is priced lower than traditional rip optimizing systems. M-J says it also provides greater yield, enhanced safety, increased profits and full production reporting. (612) 529-7791,


Safety Speed has been manufacturing high-quality panel processing machinery for more than 50 years. The company builds a line of vertical panel saws, panel routers, widebelt sanders, and edgebanders made in America. Visit AWFS Booth #4329. (800) 772-2327, SafetySpeedCut com.



From Stiles Machinery, the Weeke ABD 050 is a CNC drilling & dowel insertion machine designed to complement a nested-based CNC machining center, or act as a stand-alone unit It has CNC control at the X axis and is equipped with woodWOP software for easy operation. See Stiles' full lineup at AWFS Booth #8900. (616) 698-7500,



Ultimizers says its Ulti-Vision Scanner System will save money by reducing the amount of wood to be purchased. The software determines optimal yield for length and/or parts, and the system maintains a library. Ulti-Vision scanners are offered in widths from 8 in. to 24 in. standard and can scan one, two or all four sides of the wood. (503) 663-7777,
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