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WCI begins green acres project.

WCI Spectrum Communities recently began relocating more than 100 mature trees at its Encore Lake Grove community in Lake Grove, N.Y. The company decided to move the trees to preserve the natural beauty of the location and enhance the landscaping of the future neighborhood.

"Unfotunately, when a new neighborhood is being built, most of the existing trees are removed," said Mitchell C. Hochberg, president and CEO of WCI Spectrum Communities. "Not only is that destructive to the environment, but the new homebuyers are left with rather small, undistinguished trees that are only a few years old. We decided that the older trees that are here now should be preserved and relocated along the entrance boulevard and throughout the Encore Lake Grove community to create an established community environment."

The species to be moved include cherry, white pine, douglas fir, oak, elm, blue spruce, Norway spruce, sugar maple, cedar and ginkgo. The tree spade to be used will allow 10" caliper trees to be moved.

Transplanting is now underway as the trees have entered into their dormant state, which will allow for a much better chance of survival. The wide variety and mature size of the trees will allow the existing buffer surrounding the property to be greatly enhanced.

WCI Spectrum Communities has a history of environmental concern and was the first home builder to be awarded an ISO 14001 certification.
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Date:Jan 5, 2005
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