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WCCO-TV Brings Live Weather to Minnesota; 4 Warn Storm Team Uses Cutting-Edge Technology.

MINNEAPOLIS -- WCCO-TV unveiled a state-of-the-art Live Doppler Radar weather forecasting system last week. The launch of the 4 Warn Storm Team now gives viewers cutting-edge accuracy for tracking and predicting nature's most violent storms.

WCCO-TV's live radar rivals the best technology in the country for accuracy and up-to-the-minute information. The 4 Warn Storm Team can now give our viewers who live with the threat of severe weather year-round, what they need and what they deserve, live weather. Many stations currently use Nexrad Doppler Radar, which gives data six to ten minutes old. Quick moving storms can be miles out of the predicted range, leaving viewers misinformed and at risk. Storms that move 40-50 miles per hour can be five miles down the road by the time the Nexrad system picks them up.

With the investment in Live Doppler Radar, WCCO-TV's team of meteorologists can now inform the public of dangerous weather in real time, tracking it all the way down to street level. "I don't want to be off by six miles," says WCCO-TV Meteorologist Paul Douglas. "I want to show people where the threatening weather is, where it's heading and they need that in real time. They need live. Anything else isn't weather, it's history."

This Doppler Radar is the most powerful non-government radar in the state of Minnesota. It includes sophisticated software to help meteorologists zero in on storms capable of flooding, straight-line winds, dangerous hail and tornadoes. The Snow Alert system can give a detailed analysis of where snow, ice and rain are falling, in real-time, as well as show viewers exactly how much snow has already fallen within 250 miles of the Twin Cities.

Douglas spent more than a year researching the latest weather tracking equipment to find a system that would give viewers in Minnesota and Wisconsin the most accurate information. Douglas says the new system can provide such detailed information that they can track weather not just on state maps but areas much smaller. "We will show you exactly where the severe weather is in relation to your life. By going down to street level, down to neighborhood level, we can show storms in a way that hasn't been possible before."

The 4 Warn Storm Team including Paul Douglas, Mike Fairbourne and Brian Gotter can be seen on all WCCO-TV Channel 4 newscasts.

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Date:Nov 19, 2002
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