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WBII's latest photocopying settlement may be best yet--for all NLers. (Ten Years Ago in The Newsletter on Newsletters).

Washington Business Information Inc. publisher David Swit has always been in the forefront of Washington, DC newsletter publishers' aggressive stance against subscribers' photocopying NLs for further distribution. And Swit has won some big settlements from big companies--out of court and for undisclosed sums, usually in the six figures. But his latest victory has taken a giant step forward toward bringing order and cooperation to photocopying disputes. This suit promised to be the most contentious of all because he was suing a law firm--Collier, Shannon & Scott--and the lawyers said they'd see him in court, claiming defense "on the grounds of fair use." Last month, however, the publisher and the law firm settled out of court, with Collier, Shannon agreeing to "cessation of photocopying WBII's Product Safety Letter and a cash payment of an undisclosed amount."

They also agreed to work jointly to have trade and professional groups, including the American Bar Assn. and Newsletter Publishers Assn., develop policy statements to clarify photocopying questions. With this landmark agreement, the two parties may succeed in taking photocopying disputes beyond litigation to a working relationship among NL publishers, lawyers and corporate subscribers.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
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Date:Dec 3, 2001
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