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WBE Dorcas Inc.

UCT attendees were the first to hear about the availability of newly improved Dinjer CMS-10K Cementitious Mortar for manhole rehabilitation from WBE Dorcas Inc.

Since its introduction in 2000, Dinjer CMS-10K has had an excellent track record as a cost effective, high strength, user-friendly manhole rehabilitation product. But WBE Dorcas Inc. wanted more.

"There is always room for improvement, even if your product is performing to standards and working exceptionally for your customers," said Dorcas Hermes, WBE Dorcas Inc. president. "Product development and improvement will always be a priority so that we may continue to serve our industry and customers to the best of our ability."


CMS-10K is a silica fume based mortar. CMS-10K is a specially formulated, combination of processed cement, aggregates, silica fume and nylon fibers, which when mixed with water, results in a dense, low rebound, high build mortar. The required low water to cement ratio ensures low permeability and adequate long-term strengths for most applications.

"Recent in-house testing on our improved formula shows a 20 to 25 percent increase in strength, with a compressive strength reaching 1,000 psi in 8 hours, corrosion resistance and most physical properties over our original formula," explained Hermes.

"Our very low water-to-cement ratio, the highest quality additives and a precisely engineered formula combine to achieve ultimate results. Our sand gradation adheres to a very strict specification per ACI guidelines for wet process shotcreting. Additionally, the improvements have not changed the viscosity of the product. Dinjer CMS-10K can still be successfully spin-cast, wet process shotcrete, or hand applied."

Dinjer CMS-10K is manufactured according to strict quality control guidelines, in a single location, with each batch undergoing multiple quality tests, guaranteeing ultimate product consistency.

Hermes said, "The improvements made to this product raise the industry standard for Portland cement-based products in terms of strength and structural integrity. Additionally, we can now compete with Calcium Aluminate based formulas in the area of corrosion prevention, and we can do it at a lower cost. We are excited about the evolution of this product and what it means for our customers: cost-effective, long-term solutions." 719.686.5988,
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Title Annotation:UCT Is Go To Place For New Technologies
Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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