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Wavetek has debuted the LT 8600, an advanced instrument in Wavetek's family of handheld LAN cable testers.

The LT 8600 is a 300 MHz, Level III accuracy, high-performance tester that exceeds the requirements for the emerging Category 6/Class E 250 MHz testing standards. Priced at $4995, the LT 8600 provides installers with an advanced, price- competitive and standards-based instrument for certifying up to and beyond the Category 6/Class E cabling requirements.

Additionally, this tester performs all Power Sum measurements up to 300 MHz, providing ample headroom for certifying cabling well beyond the draft Category 6 requirements.

The skyrocketing need for bandwidth has driven many corporations to install Category 5e cabling and will prompt many more to migrate to Category 6/Class E cabling when this standard is fully ratified. Wavetek realizes that these higher-speed networks have a smaller margin of error between data transmission bit rates and the maximum physical capacity of cabling.

This change in error rates has led to a tightening of most RF parameters and the need to test to Level III accuracy. The LT 8600 easily meets these new testing requirements, while providing maximum flexibility for both high-throughput testing and/or in-depth diagnostic analysis.

Additionally, Wavetek understands that the currently defined Category 6/Class E standard is pushing copper links with RJ45-style connectors to its maximum limit. It is no longer possible for installers to simply assume full mix-and-match compatibility.

However, Category 6/Class E performance can be achieved with certain "tuned combinations" of connectors and plugs. Wavetek is helping its LT 8600 users achieve this performance by working with all leading cable and connector manufacturers to facilitate this requirement.

"The LT 8600 offers a unique combination of a full feature set, aggressive pricing, sophisticated testing metrics and comprehensive management of test data," said Caroline Chen, Wavetek's senior product marketing manager. "Installers will appreciate Wavetek's design of a cost-effective, high-performance instrument that allows them to serve Category 6/Class E installation and testing opportunities and still maintain their competitive edge."

The advanced features of the LT 8600 include headroom measurement, Return Loss, Power Sum NEXT, ACR, and ELFEXT tests up to 300 MHz. Testing high-complexity, multi-standard cable installations is simplified by the unit's Autotest function and comprehensive graphical plots. In addition, the LT 8600 offers a storage capacity of up to 1500 test records, provides support of up to 15 different tests individually or in a test suite, and offers support for multiple remote handsets. The LT 8600 can also test both single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cabling through the FiberKit+ option. The LT 8600 offers the same easy-to-use interface as the LT 8000 Series LAN cable testers without the need for training to get started.

Built to withstand the most rugged of work conditions, each LT 8600 cable tester is field ready, offering a rubber boot for protection against drops and state-of-the-art voltage protection for accidental telephone line plug-ins. The tester's newly designed exterior provides better mechanical support for the interface between the test unit and adapters.

Pricing and Availability

The LT 8600 is available immediately at the price of $4995. The product can be purchased through Wavetek's worldwide channel of distributors and resellers.

Backed by an Investment Protection Program, Wavetek invites users of any of Wavetek's LT 8000 Series testers and the Pro XL Series testers to upgrade to the LT 8600. To move to the LT 8600, current customers simply pay the appropriate upgrade price for their model. The Investment Protection Program also provides customers with a factory re-calibration of the LT 8000 Series hardware and a one-year extension of their current hardware warranty.

About Wavetek Wandel Goltermann

Wavetek Wandel Goltermann, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., in the U.S. and in Eningen, Germany, is a designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of communications test equipment and systems. Customers use these test solutions to develop, manufacture, install, and maintain their communications equipment and networks. The company markets its products and services globally to the telecommunications, multimedia, wireless and enterprise network industries.

The company also designs, manufactures and sells precision measurement instruments and general-purpose handheld test tools; provides upgrade and calibration services; and offers consulting, training and rental services on a worldwide basis. Wavetek Wandel Goltermann is present in more than 80 countries through its manufacturing facilities and its direct and indirect sales organizations, employing 2600 people worldwide.

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Date:Jun 1, 1999

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