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WATERPROOF BEACH BEAUTIES; Sun, sea, sangria - marvellous for your mood, a bummer for your beauty regime. This summer, rather than suffer streaks and smudges, read our guide to the best beach-safe beauty. The things we do for you...

Byline: Words: Lynne Hyland

Holidays: who'd have 'em? It's when we're photographed the most, yet look the worst. In my case, it all starts so well - spray tan, pedi, wax - but before I know it, the beauty regime has gone feral. By day four, the tan's dissolved in the chlorine and my streaky attempts at 'poolside glam' are as sexy as a verruca plaster floating in the deep end. But this year, I say ENOUGH. I've jetted off with a suitcase stuffed with the latest and greatest beach beauty products, and braved the waves with a faceful of slap to find out what's really waterproof. Read on to discover the products that deserve a place in the sun as much as you do.


I've tried a lot of 24-hour lippies and L'Oreal's new Infallible 24H Lip, PS9.99, trounces them all. My fave colour - Relentless Rouge - is a h red ot through with shimmer, which stops it looking flat like most all-day lippies do.

The balm topcoat kept my lips soft, and the final result was bullet-proof. Swim n it, ce in it, go to d in it ' ll STILL be there in the morning.


After testing a ton of 'waterproof' eyeshadows, I've reached the conclusion 'water-resistant' would be nearer the mark. Rimmel Scandaleyes Stick, PS4.49, was the one that impressed me most. The colours are great, from neutrals to a high-summer turquoise. And while it faded a bit after swimming, it fared brilliantly on a sticky night out - still going strong by the time I was ready to call it quits.


Summer is not a good time for my brows. They fade in the sun, then soak up fake tan and turn gingeBooking a brow tint never made it to the top of my pre-holiday to-do list this yso thank God FORMAC's new aterproof Brow Set, PS1which kept my brows Delevingne dark and groomed. Even through an afternoon of snorkelling.


OK, so Becca's Bea Tint, PS20, isn't new - fact I first discoverewater-resistant lip and chee stain about a decade ago - bthe brand disappeared from the UK for a bit, which was a tragedy for my holiday make-up bag. So imagine my joy when Beach Tint popped up again, AND in this lush Papaya shade. It needed topping up by sunset, but every time I wore it people asked what it was.


Their original liquid Clubbing liquid liner is harder to shake off than a holiday rep on commission, so I had high hopes for Bourjois' new Waterproof Contour Clubbing Pencils, PS4.99. These kohls are streak-proof, although the look is perhaps more evening than poolside. The black gave a great slept-in eye that looked exactly the same when I literally slept in it (field research, OK?), and the brights are a budge-proof flash of colour for when you've got the tan and holiday confidence to pull them off.


It's called Amazing oncealer, PS19.50, and h name honestly says it all. The tiniest dab ours full-on waterproof erage-enough to oof,uise an all-nighter apse you recover by the pool -and it really pt-ins put. I hardly eded to touch it up, nitn when I'd been in e sea. It even stopped the obligatory Jupiternd holiday zit peeking ayugh. Result.


Suncream can make even waterproof products slide off, so fight back with NYX's new Makeup Setting Spray, PS8. It comes in a dewy version, which I find more flattering than the classic matte.

Want to take your fave eye palette on holiday? Pack Inglot Duraline, PS7, a clear liquid that mixes with any eyeshadow to make it waterproof.

I don't colour my hair before a holiday-I- I'd rathery wait and see what strange colour the sun's going to turn it - but that does mean holidaying with ugly greys sprouting around my parting. This year though, I came armed with ColorWow Root's Touch Up, PS28.50, a waterproof powder I painted on before hitting the pool, and it didn't streak or wash away.



Left: our Lynne 'researching'
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